Save Money with Easy-to-do Car Maintenance at Home

Recent research by SMMT reveals that an average British car owner spends close to £3,500 on the maintenance and upkeep of their cars on a yearly basis. The lion’s share of that expense goes towards fuel expense whereas around £1,200 goes on maintenance. While it’s an indicator that an average British car owner is concerned with the proper maintenance of their cars, there are many areas where the expense could be cut.

Many of the maintenance routines that motorists visit a garage for can be performed at home. Most of these are small expenses, but they add up over time.

Here’s a list of some easy-to-do car maintenance at home which will help you save money on garage visits while ensuring that your car remains in good condition.

Car Wash

Washing your car is essential not only for maintaining its appearance but also ensuring that its critical components remain rust and corrosion free. Many motorists prefer to take it to a car wash on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. However, you can easily do it at home in a reasonably short period.

  • Find a suitable area away from direct sunlight. Preferably, it should be an open area.

  • Get car wash soap from your local auto parts dealer.

  • Use a sponge or soft cloth to clean the car, starting with the tyres and moving up.

  • Rinse thoroughly and pat it dry with a fresh cloth or using a hairdryer. Water spots might occur if you let it air dry.

Ideally, you should wash your car at least once every week. In winters, you should clean it over every alternate day, and road salt is a significant corrosive agent.

Windshield Wiper Replacement

The windshield wipers play a critical role in maintaining the driver’s view of the road. It is also one of the significant elements checked during MOT in Easington. They may get hard and brittle over time, at which point it is necessary to replace them. You can easily do it at home by following these instructions.

  • Buy a set of good quality wiper blades from your local store.

  • Lift the wiper arm and press the small tab at the base of the arm. Gently pull the existing blade out.

  • Slide the new blades into place and push them all the way to the base of the arms. You should hear a clicking sound when they fit into place.

  • Gently push the arm back to place.

A professional garage will take anything between £25 and £30 for this service. Considering that you should change wiper blades every six months, you can save the money if you perform this at home.

Apart from these, you may also check the tread depth and inflation pressure of your tyres at home. While most garages do not charge anything to perform these, you still need to visit the garage which is time-consuming. You can check your tyres’ inflation pressure using a pressure gauge available at local stores. For tread depth check, you can insert a 20p coin into the central groove. If the outer band is obscured, you have enough tread depth left.

These are some of the easy to do maintenance hacks at home. For severe Car Repair Easington, visit professional garages like Easington Service Station. They perform all the essential car repairs like engine diagnostics and battery repair at unbeatable prices.

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