Why Should I Get Convinced To Buy Jinyu Tyres For My Car

Jinyu has been serving the tyre industry since 1995, with a wide variety of premium value tyre range. Today, Jinyu finds its place at the 18th spot on the list of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers. Quality products, services you can trust, and lifetime support are the three pillars on which Jinyu positions itself. Jinyu is manufacturing 3 million all-steel radial tyres and 10 million semi-steel radial tyres every year, using advanced tyre development and production techniques. Let us take a look at the below-given features to know why more and more motorists from over 100 countries worldwide are buying Jinyu tyres.

No Wonder, Jinyu Has Millions Of Buyers

  • The Jinyu tyre products have received all the necessary quality certifications including CCC, ECE, DOT, ISO/TS16949, and INMETRO. Also, the company lab has authenticity confirmation from CNAS.

  • Jinyu understands that continuous research and development is the key to success and that’s why, like other good brands, Jinyu tyres also go through a series of rigorous tests so that they can perform beyond their owner’s expectations.\

  • Its tyres have been produced using the eco-friendly compound formulation with HD Silica and advanced sequencing batch reactors (SBRs) to ensure safety while performing.

  • Jinyu tyres have overgrown the Chinese market since it was started. A large selection of Jinyu tyres is highly admired for the tyres’ appealing looks and marvellous quality.

  • Jinyu tyres are tremendously fuel efficient, flexible, less noisy, and durable due to the special compound formulation.

  • Its ultra-high performance tyre range enhances driving pleasure by offering excellent handling, low rolling resistance, and extraordinary environmental protection with its silicon-made treads.

  • Centre rib of Jinyu tyres contributes to providing enhanced manoeuvrability and braking capabilities, which results in increased grip force and operating stability.

  • Its high-performance tyre range delivers spectacular cornering and stability on dry surfaces due to its unique asymmetric tread pattern design with 3 uniform centre ribs and 3D blocks.

  • The patch of the rubber-road contact area of the tyre is wide which results in exemplary wet and dry performance.

  • Tread blocks are so well designed, that they give you ultimate steering and braking experience.

  • Besides providing unmatchable wet and dry performance with higher mileage, its SUV tyre range is known for preventing side wear when off-road.

Jinyu Tyre Models Suit Any Vehicle Type

  • Ultra High-Performance Tyre Range: Racing FG1, YU63, YU61, YU62

  • SUV Tyre Range: YS71, YS79, YS82

  • Light Truck Tyre Range: YS76, YS77

  • High-Performance Tyre Range: Extreme33, RFTYH18, YC01, YH11, YH12, YH16, YH18

There Are So Many Reasons For Buying Jinyu Tyres Northampton

Handsome appearance, matchless performance, robust grip, ever-lasting quality, high endurance, and calm road behaviour make Jinyu Tyres the first choice of motorists. Superior Cars stocks only the best tyres and that too in an exclusive range. Also, our tyre specialists help you in picking up the right match for your vehicle. Visit us to buy this international brand for your vehicle at the most decent price ever.

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