10 Items You Must Keep in Your Car in Case of an Emergency

A flat tyre — every car owner’s nightmare. But can you imagine if this nightmare exceeds into something even more horrifying like a flat tyre in the middle of a deserted road during an awful weather?

Well, that would be something we all wish to avoid. However, being prepared for such times seems like a wise decision. As a car owner, do you think your car is equipped with essentials that can help you thrive in the times of emergency?

If your answer is yes, check with the list we mention below. And if your answer is no, then learn from the list below. Here we go:

Contained water both for drinking and car emergencies 

Even if you manage to contact roadside services of puncture repair, you would need to perform some prerequisite setups to salvage the situation before their advent.

  • A water bottle is a highly essential resource during such times.
  • Firstly, it can fundamentally quench your thirst and help you bare long waiting hours.
  • Secondly, you will need water to alleviate your car’s overheated radiator.
  • And lastly, you can use some water to clean yourself.

Reflective flares to warn for emergency 

The busy city streets or bustling highways are not quite an ideal place for your car to run down. However, emergencies don’t seek reasons; they happen when you least expect them to:

  • And that is why you should always carry some bright coloured flares with you while driving.
  • These glowing flares — mostly orange or red — will help other drivers to know of your presence.
  • This will avoid unwanted collisions because sometimes car tyres leamington spa blinkers just aren’t enough for indication.

A first aid kit 

When you plan to take long drives or go across cities, it would be a wise decision to carry a first aid kit.

  • Emergencies can strike as minor accidents, skids etc., in which cases you might need instant medication.
  • You can either get yourself a prepackaged kit or assort one yourself.
  • If you plan on assembling one ensure that you include:
    • Multiple size bandage
    • An antibiotic cream
    • Pain relievers
    • A gauze
    • Anti-allergy medications
    • Cotton swabs
    • And hand sanitizers
  • These were primary first kit essentials, however, in cases of long trips, you should include thermometers, heating pads, and an emergency radio that runs on battery.

Spare tyres 

A spare tyre is the most common emergency essential that everyone needs to carry. In cases of punctures, it is not always possible to contact services like puncture repair Leamington Spa

  • And this is why the possession of spare tyres becomes necessary.
  • In cases of a flat tyre, you can simply replace the flat tyre with a spare one using a jack, a pipe and an iron wrench.


Every cell phone is indeed equipped with an internal flashlight facility. However, the constant use of your cell phone’s flashlight can drain its battery. And in cases of emergency, your cell battery is what you need the most. Hence, always carry a flashlight with extra batteries to avoid panic during night emergencies.

Light snacks 

Nobody knows how long the waiting hours can extend. If your tow truck or repair services take too long to arrive, it’s better that you fill up on something. An empty stomach can put you in a bad mood and also lower your concentration levels and may lead you to meltdown.

Therefore, it is advised to fill in your glove compartment with light snacks that are not too messy. This can help you survive prolonged service waiting hours.

Jumper Cables

Jumper cables are the best solution to car battery issues. In case of a dead battery, you simply connect to jumper cables and redeem your battery.

Warm articles of clothing

A piece of warm clothing like sweatshirt or blankets can help you survive the waiting hours without being disturbed by the freezing winds.

Tool kit 

The tool kit can be a lifesaver if you happen to know how to operate them. They can help you make simple repairs and get back to the road in no time.


Touching your car’s hood or offering first aids can lead to messy situations, and these situations will definitely ask for a towel.

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