3 Important Tips to Keep Your Car Tyres in Optimum Condition

Car maintenance is inclusive of, but not conclusive to the maintenance of exterior parts of a vehicle. What is beneath the surface is equally, if not more, essential. One such component is your car’s tyres in Blyth, which contribute significantly to the safety of you, and your vehicle both.

Car tyres often need frequent maintenance because of numerous reasons like –

  • Over-speeding– It causes excessive friction leading to tyre damage and even blowouts.
  • Over-inflation or under-inflation– Under-inflation increases friction between tyre and road surface, leading to premature tyre wear. On the other hand, over-inflation makes tyre susceptible to punctures.
  • Over-loading- Can build-up excessive heat causing permanent tyre damage and frequent leaks.

Now that you know most of the reasons behind tyre wear, here are some tips to keep your car tyres in the prime state –

  1. Monitor the tyre pressure

Tyres need to be strong enough to cushion impacts, and yet flexible to take those steep turns. One of the contributing factors in this regard is tyre pressure, which plays a significant role in carrying the weight of a vehicle.

In case, you are planning a long trip, check up on your tyre pressure before leaving. This will ensure your safety on the road!

Note: Make sure that you check the pressure when tyres in Blyth are cold and measure it with the help of an accurate gauge.

  1. Routine tyre diagnosis

According to automobile experts, checking up on your tyres at regular intervals can help you stay away from avoidable damages. Make sure you follow these tips –

  1. Tread depth

Tread depth is one of the crucial pointers for your car tyres in Bawtry for multiple reasons including –

  • Mitigates chances of aquaplaning.
  • Improvises the grip on your tyres and help reduce the stopping distance when applying brakes.

Though the UK Law requires car tyres in Blyth to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm, experts advise opting for a change when it’s below 3 mm in tread depth.

  1. Uneven tread wear

With usage, the tyre treads tend to get ‘bald,’ which adversely impacts the overall performance of tyres. More often than not, you might notice uneven tread wear. The probable factors are –

  • Misalignment of wheels
  • Worn-out suspension

In case, your car tyres in Blyth are exhibiting any unusual signs of wear and tear, approach the best automobile experts in XYZ garage for a wheel alignment session. They also extend their services to wheel balancing, tyre mounting, tyre fitting, tyre replacement, etc.

  1. Perform a wheel alignment

Over time, tyres get misaligned for several reasons like – hitting a curb or pothole. Proper wheel alignment not only reduces the chances of accidents but also adds years to your tyres. Moreover, it improves handling, prevents your vehicle from pulling to one side and minimises chances of odd vibrations.

So, there you go!

With these tips, you will be able to keep your tyres in Bawtry in the best form. Do remember to take your car for routine tyre maintenance from a local garage like Harworth Tyres Services. It not only maximises its lifespan but improves the overall driving experience as well.

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