4 Frequently Asked Questions about MOT Answered for You

Britain has secured one of the top places in the list of road safety records. But recent statistics have shown there have been more than 640 car crashes in Britain last year. Thus, to improve your car condition and ensure on-road safety, you have to pass the United Kingdom Ministry of Transport Test. Some of the MOT regulations have recently changed on May 20, 2018. The new MOT rules have exempted vehicles over 40 years and launched new guidelines related to new defect types.

There is a fair chance that many motorists are not aware of the details of MOT in Peterborough. This post is a compilation of 4 frequently asked questions related to the MOT test to solve all the confusions.

Let’s check out the questions related to an MOT test in the UK!

Faq 1 – What is an MOT Test?

Let’s start by answering the basic questions. MOT or Ministry of Transport Test is an annual check conducted to test the roadworthiness of a car. It aims at ensuring the safety of drivers and making sure your vehicle is in an overall good condition vis-à-vis its brakes, steering, exhaust emission and cheap tyres Peterborough. This test is required for all cars over 3 years old with a few exceptions. You have to pass the MOT test, and it’s illegal to drive without an up-to-date MOT certificate.

Faq 2 – Which Things Should You Consider Before Your MOT Test in the UK?

In 2018, there were more than 30,000,000 tests conducted nationwide, among which around 33% were failures. Recent data has revealed that approximately 10 million cars failed their MOT test after the new rules were introduced in 2018. If you do not want to fail MOT Peterborough, you should do the following checks of your car. You can also visit a reputed garage like Forza Tyres to perform a thorough inspection. They also provide brake repairing, battery, suspension and oil services.

  • Check your vehicle’s wheels and tyres in Peterborough

  • Look after your brakes and suspension system

  • Check the headlights and indicators

  • Do a quick check-up of your windscreen, wipers and screen wash

  • Pay attention to fuel and engine oil

  • Do not forget to inspect your seat and seatbelts

Faq 3 – What Documents Do You Require For Your MOT Test?

MOT in Peterborough requires a few documents. So while preparing for the vehicle test, keep these following documents handy.

  • The appointment letter of your vehicle’s test

  • Your vehicle registration document

  • If you own a taxi or bus, you need to bring a current insurance certificate along with the documents as mentioned above

Faq 4 – What Are The New Rules of MOT 2018?

The new MOT test’s rules are stricter as new fault categories have introduced in this test, namely, minor, major and dangerous. Also, if your DPF is tampered with in any way, the car will not clear its MOT test in Peterborough. Under this new regulation, you can be fined up to £2500 for driving with an invalid MOT.

These are the most common questions people have regarding the MOT test. The MOT in Peterborough certificate allows your vehicle on the road when all safety standards and environmental acceptances are met. It is illegal to drive your car without a test certificate on a public road.

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