4 Tricks to Make You a Better Driver This Winter

Winters in the UK are known for being notoriously tricky to drive in. The roads are full of slush, mud, sleet, snow and rain. Even the most dependable roads become quagmires. It is one reason why there are so many accidents every year in these islands, especially in winter, resulting in many fatalities.

Fortunately, automobile experts have come up with multiple ways to help you become a better driver. Some of the solutions are pretty straightforward and obvious, others not quite so. Here are 4 proven techniques to help you drive safer in winters.

  1. Use Winter Tyres Mandatorily

Winter tyres are explicitly created keeping in mind the conditions such hazardous months conjure up. It is of utmost importance that you use only winter wheels. Many people use all-season tyres as they are often advertised of being capable of operating even in the most severe climates.

Well, that is not true. Winter tyres have no substitutes. They are often fitted with ceramic or metal studs, which ensure a better grip of the surface. They also have hydrophilic rubber compounds, meaning that their surfaces will be able to soak in more water from the surface. In turn, this helps in increasing speed and agility on even the wettest roads. Always buy branded Tyres in Boston and other cities, whenever you need a fresh set.

  1. Use External Lights Properly

External lights include more than just the headlights; they also include brake lights, lane change warnings, emergency lights, and other special arrangements like LED DRLs. When you park your car on the roadside, always turn on the warning or hazard lights to warn other incoming motorists. Brake lights and lane-change lights come on automatically; however, DRLs have to be manually activated. Pay particular attention to these lights.

If you notice broken or fused bulbs, replace them immediately. Such light fixtures cannot be repaired. You can seek the help of professional service technicians at garages like Mill Tyres, in case you live and drive in and around Boston. They are also popular for their extensive inventory of OEM equipment and tyres.

  1. Follow the Traffic Rules

In the UK, a very specific set of traffic rules come into action each winter. These are meant to increase your safety quotient while providing a very modest fuel economy considering the weather conditions. If you see boards barring entry into certain roads or U-turns, take the advice. When it starts snowing in these islands, visibility reduces dramatically. If you decide to break the rules and enter a blind alley, you may be involved in an accident.

  1. Never Overspeed

Over-speeding on tricky roads in winter can be fatal. All roads and highways have their designated speed limits placed at strategic intervals. Try not to breach them. In winters, brake malfunctions are common, mainly due to the low temperatures. They often jam despite widespread ABS usage. Overspeeding is more than a traffic offence; it can be dangerous.

Incidentally, if you are planning to take the MOT in Boston or any other city, you must keep a close eye on the brakes too. If they are not maintained properly, you will not pass this test. Seek professional advice if you have doubts.

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