5 Common Car Failures And Super Easy Fixes

Finding the perfect garage for your car is certainly a task. You will have it nearby if you are lucky enough but one cannot always visit a garage. Sometimes the tight financial conditions stop you while other times it’s the unavailability of a decent garage.

However, do you know that you don’t always need a garage to fix the issues in your car? Some general car problems can be easily fixed at home by yourself. Well, this article is all about fixing your car problems at home.

Fixing your car at home

Your car needs some kind of checkup now and then. However, if you are unable to locate a nice garage near you, here is everything you can do to fix your car at home.

Problem: Trouble in starting up the engine your car

Engine trouble can happen due to various reasons, a dead battery being one of the prevalent ones.

How do you know if the battery of your car is dead? It can be easily recognised by the voices your car makes when you give ignition.

A dead battery makes no sound, while a cranky sound is produced when there is an issue with fuel supply or spark plug. So, when you know about the main problem, try changing it or look into it deeply to fix the plugs.

Problem: Uneven wear and tear of tyres

Keeping a check on the condition of your tyre is extremely important. Worn out tyres can create catastrophic events. Wear and tear of tyres are normal, but uneven wear can be a little painful for most of us.

To fix this problem of uneven wear of your car tyres, consider rotating their positions at equal intervals. Other than that, you can also make sure that your wheels are correctly aligned and balanced all the time.

Problem: Overheating engine

A car can face the issue of an overheating engine, majorly in the extremely hot summers. But, there are other factors that lead to overheating of your car engine and an empty coolant tank is one of them.

So when you find smoke coming out of the hood of your car, check if you have enough coolant in the tank. Make sure to check the coolant tank properly. Look for leaks and holes as well.

Problem: The AC of your car has stopped working

If all you can feel is air at room temperature around you in your car, the AC has certainly stopped working. It is not a highly troublesome issue if you do not live in a hot climate but can be an inconvenience nevertheless.

It might happen due to leaking of refrigerant, and you need to fix the part that’s leaking before you refill it. Besides, fixing the leak is simple, and you can always take professional help if you do not feel confident enough.

Problem: Weird noises coming from brakes

The issue of noisy brakes arises when you don’t pay proper attention to cleaning brake pads at specified intervals. Noisy brakes can also indicate worn-out brake pads. So, if the cleaning does not help, consider changing the brake pads. Our Car service Bristol garage will help you get rid of the noise easy and quick.

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