5 Common Symptoms That Indicate Brake Issues

Your brakes are crucial to your vehicle. You can bring it to a halt by pulling on the brakes anytime you want. That makes them an essential safety feature of your car or SUV. Thus, they have to be maintained and serviced properly.

Every component of your braking system has an expiry date. So, it is critical to check each one every once in a while. These might need a Brake Repair Whitchurch, or sometimes, a complete replacement. Ignoring any signs of damage when it comes to your brakes can be dangerous. Thankfully, they show a few obvious symptoms when something is wrong. Once you pick up on these, you can proceed with the necessary solutions. That way, your brakes will always remain in tip-top condition.

In this article, we will mention five common signs that indicate braking issues in your car or SUV.

Illuminated Brake Light:

Every modern vehicle has a brake indicator on its dashboard. Typically, it is switched on when your parking brakes are engaged. But if you find them illuminated even after release, something could be wrong. A yellow or red flash can also hint that a brake servicing is due.

Squealing And Grinding Sounds:

A fully functional braking system virtually generates no sound. So, if you are hearing squealing or grinding noises, a braking issue might be present. In general, the squealing sound is a sign of brake pad wear. When these steel pads excessively erode, they come in contact with the rotor, making an irritable sound. Not swapping them immediately can cause rotor wear. That, in turn, can incur high repair costs in the future. If you hear grinding noises from the brake pedal, several things of unequal severity could be going wrong. A piece of rock or stone that somehow made its way into the brake calliper could be causing it. That is relatively easy to fix, but more concerning issues might also be present. Perhaps, the brake pads corroded so much that they are creating indentations on the rotor. Not oiling or lubricating the rear drum brakes properly can also generate this noise. These issues should be addressed during brake servicing, which you have to seek immediately.

Shaky Braking:

The steering system of your vehicle often manifests the problems found in other parts of the car. So, if you see your steering wheel vibrating or shaking while pulling the brakes, something is up. It is usually caused due to an irregular rotor. In a functional braking system, the brake pads embrace the rotors, slowing them down. That, in turn, decelerates your car or SUV. However, this is only possible if the rotors are smooth and uniform. Over time, the rotor discs naturally lose their evenness. So, during servicing, they have to be smoothed out, ensuring they remain at optimal thickness. A poor brake calliper that is not letting go correctly can also cause bumps. Also, any braking components damaged due to erroneous wheel lug nut fitting can result in vibrations.

Fluid Leakage:

If your brake pedal has turned soft, you might have trouble pulling the brakes. That can be caused by fluid leakage in the system. Typically, the leak occurs from the master cylinder, which contains the braking fluid. It behaves as the powerhouse for your brakes. So, a leakage can reduce the amount of power generated. Thus, braking will become arduous.

Pungent Smell:

When you are driving, you might be able to smell the faint odour of petrol in the air. But your brakes should not be producing any smell. So, if a distinct chemical stench fills the car cabin, there might be a braking issue. That tends to happen when your brakes or clutch get overheated. So, stop your vehicle on the side of the road immediately and let go of the brakes. That will allow them to cool down and prevent them from failing. Seeking a service will help you detect the root cause of this problem.

Every component of your vehicle degrades over time. So, each has to be maintained to ensure it is functioning correctly. Brakes are no exception to this. Thus, a Car Repair Whitchurch should be sought whenever it is due. That will lessen the possibility of brake failure, making your rides safer.

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