5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Car Healthy and Safe

You may think that your expensive car does not require much maintenance simply because it’s one of the best ones around. If car maintenance were not crucial, then there wouldn’t have been such high numbers of car garages in the UK in the first place.

A proper car servicing once every 6 or 12 months is necessary. But, you must also take care of your car regularly to ensure optimal performance not to mention the basic safety standards which it must have.

There are few quirks to properly maintaining your car other keeping it at the best possible running conditions:

  • Increase your resale value

  • Saves you from expensive repairs.

Whether you own an expensive car or a not-so-expensive one, you can follow these tips mentioned below for better maintenance:

1. Replace The Spark Plugs

A faulty spark plug will cause misfiring, reduce acceleration, increase fuel consumption, etc. Generally, you need to replace your spark plugs every 45,000 km. However, do check your car manual as different manufacturers recommend different dates for replacing spark plugs.

2. Check Your Tyre Tread Depth

Check your car Tyres Coventry tread depth and ensure it is well above the 1.6mm. Depending on your tyres, a treadwear indicator might be included. Ensuring such tread depth will help you pass the MOT test.

If you find that your tyre tread depth is nearing the 1.6mm mark, then it is about time you replace your tyres. You can also rotate your tyres every 8,000 to 10,000 km to keep the wear and tear to a minimum.

3. Change Oil And Oil Filter

You should change your car oil every 5,000 to 8,000 km. To change the oil, first, drive around a bit and bring the engine up to higher temperatures. Wait for your engine to cool down for at least 5 minutes before changing the oil. Place a container under the drain plug. Unscrew the drain plug and let the oil drain out. Make sure you replace the drain plug after.

To change the oil filter, remove your current filter using a standard wrench. Fix the new oil filter; also, lubricate it before doing so. Next, use a funnel to pour the new oil in your car engine.

4. Align Your Tyres

Proper wheel alignment will help you stay in control of your car and also improve fuel economy. Wheel alignment in Coventry will help maintain the correct tyre-to-surface and tyre-to-body angles. However, you need to visit Central Point MOT in Coventry to have your wheels aligned by a professional.

5. Replace Your Brake Pads

Your brake pads will need replacement around every 30,000 km. If you drive in a heavy traffic area where you need to use your braking often, then you may have to replace your brake pads earlier.

Replacing brake pads requires removing the wheel. It also involves significant knowledge of brakes and brake callipers. So, you should head over to a car garage and professionals repair or replace the brake pads.

Follow these tips and have your car running in the best possible conditions over a longer period of time.

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