5 Hidden Facts About Continental Tyres Finally Revealed!

Ok. Let’s play a small guessing game. A black prancing horse on a yellow backdrop that finds its place on most wheels. Can you guess the brand??? Yes…that’s Easy! It’s Ferrari!

No, my dear, its Continental (I was talking of ‘wheels’, not a ‘car’!)

Who hasn’t heard the name of Continental tyres? From cycles to 4-wheelers and from billboards to advertisement hoardings, the name Continental has been a part of every automobile enthusiast’s childhood.

Although a pretty familiar name, how much do you actually know about this brand? Bet, you don’t! So, here’s presenting a few fun acts that Continental has up its sleeve.

    #1.    Tyres were White!

Already astounded? Yes! All the Challenger Tyres & Exhaust tyres from Continental originally came in white for almost 25 years. This occurred due to the amalgamation of zinc oxide with rubber to increase its tensile strength.

However, zinc oxide alone began compromising on the products’ longevity. So, researchers began adding carbon black for eradicating this inconsistency and thus, tyres began to be black since then.

    #2.     The World’s Largest!

Did you know that Continental boasts ownership of the largest tyre in the world? Pay a visit to the Allen Park in Michigan, and you will be able to behold a witness to the same. It measures 80 foot in height and weighs close to 12 ton and is solely built for reducing the effect of unprecedented hurricane winds.

So, next time you order for all-season variants of new tyres at Sheffield, remember, Continental has proved to be a true master of its trade.

    #3.    Dandelions in Tyres

Perhaps the most abrupt of all claims that you have ever heard of! While most people view dandelions as a waste of both space and resources, Continental Tyres uses them as a lynchpin component of their tyre manufacturing process.

With useful renditions from the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Ecology and Molecular Biology, Continental Tyres have evolved its first products comprising dandelions.

Precisely speaking, the dandelion seeds are blended with the tyre treads making them exponentially durable to wear and tear. In fact, in association with EKUSA and the Julius Kuehn Institute, all new tyres in Sheffield now come with 100% dandelion infused natural polymer.

    #4.    A Blend of More Than 200 Raw Materials

Yes! You heard that right! Each tyre from the house of Continental comes precisely blended with more than 200 raw materials mixed in a perfect ratio. Some of these raw materials include:

  • Nylon
  • Rayon
  • Polyester

Additionally, all cheap tyres at Sheffield from Continental also include metal components such as cobalt and titanium.

    #5. AncorContact is the Latest Range

Before you buy tyres from Challenger Tyres & Exhaust Tyres Sheffield, search for Continental’s most recent unveiling- the AncorContact. Claimed by company officials as the best tyres from their house, it will offer vehicle owners with the following efficacies:

  • Escalated braking capabilities
  • Reduction in overall tyre noise levels
  • A substantial increase in tyre longevity

As of now, this new range deems to cater to all vehicular models and drivetrains and is thus gaining increased popularity amongst the crowd.

So, when you go to buy tyres in Sheffield, Continental is sure to emerge as a formidable option. Make your choice optimally and enjoy better performance on as well as off-road.

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