5 Reasons Why Your Tyres Aren’t Lasting as Long as They Should

Premium tyres are a substantial investment. A single tyre can cost you upwards of £200. Although some dealers offer discounts when you buy an entire set, it’s still a sizable pocket pinch. It’s only natural that you’d want to protect your investment for as long as possible.

The average shelf-life of a premium tyre in British weather conditions is around five years, give or take a few. Many drivers, however, have to discard their tyres before the due time as they no longer remain fit to use. Several factors determine the longevity of tyres, even the most expensive ones.

  1. Misalignment

Misalignment of wheels is, unfortunately, one of the most common issues plaguing British cars. An estimate by TyreSafe shows that over 70% of all cars in Britain have at least one misaligned wheel.

Improper wheel alignment causes rapid and uneven tyre wear, which are detrimental to its longevity. Here are a few signs that will help you diagnose issues with Wheel Alignment in Newark.

  • Feather wear on the tyre body

  • Rising fuel consumption

  • Off-centre steering wheel

  • Sharp decline in steering response

  1. Tyre Fitting

Improper tyre fitting may lead to a plethora of problems, not the least of which is decreased tyre life. Modern tyres are sophisticated equipment and require professional Tyre Fitting in Newark. DIY is not a good idea anymore as there are several things to consider such as TPMS compatibility and reverse mounting.

You may take your car to a reputed automobile service station like Farnsfield Auto Centre to buy your tyres and get them professionally mounted on your vehicle. Along with Tyre Fitting in Newark, this garage is also proficient in several car-related services and repairs such as batteries and AC service.

  1. Driving Habits

How you drive your car affects how long its tyres last. Careful drivers are known to have enjoyed the services of their tyres for much longer than the average tyre life. Rash drivers, on the other hands, are the ones who have to frequent garages for replacing their Tyres in Newark more often than they’d like.

It’s simple; you just have to drive as one is supposed to drive to ensure a long tyre life. Abrupt braking, sudden acceleration, taking sharp turns, off-roading often with regular tyres, etc. are all responsible for decreased tyre life.

  1. Tyre Inflation and Maintenance

You may not give much thought to it, but tyre inflation is as crucial to the life of a tyre as it gets. Both under and over-inflation are not preferable as they affect the performance and durability of a tyre in different ways. Under-inflation would cause excessive wear on the outer edges, while over-inflation may lead to a tyre blowout. Both these would severely affect other performance metrics of your car, such as handling and steering response significantly.

Visit a professional garage and get your tyres aligned, balanced and rotated every six months. Ensure the longevity of your Car Tyres Newark with regular maintenance.

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