5 Surprising Things You May Want to Know About an MOT

MOT is almost about to become 60 years old. It is one of the necessary testing and compliance guidelines for British car owners. MOT’s checklist has grown significantly over the years, with new elements added to it to ensure the safety of every vehicle.

DVSA is planning to run another major overhaul to the MOT guidelines by the end of 2019. The last update of 2018 saw multiple issues addressed to make the testing more comprehensive. This year’s update will address certain loopholes in the system that affected a particular type of vehicle owners.

Incidents like that show that despite their thorough implementations, there always remains some factors that give some leverage to car owners. The British Government also actively offers some degree of flexibility for vintage and specialised vehicles to keep them in active operation. So, let’s take a look at some of the fascinating facts about MOT that you may not know.

  1. You Can Fail a Particular Part

During an MOT Test in Middlesbrough or anywhere else in the UK, you can fail specific components in your vehicle without flunking the test. Standard Reasons for Rejection do not apply for cars that are extensively modified or converted.

For example, if you convert an automobile into a rally car, you are allowed to remove the seats and install a roll cage, harness, etc. For luxury vehicles like stretch limousines, these exemptions may come with the deletion of curtain airbags.

You can also make specialised modifications to accommodate wheelchair access and such; however, all the above mentioned modifications have to comply with Road Vehicles Regulations 1986.

  1. What If It is Not from the UK?

You can get an MOT in Middlesbrough for cars that were not initially registered in the UK. In this case, you will have to create a new record by keeping the Registration Mark Descriptor to ‘Not Required’.

  1. You Can Book a Test Beforehand

You should go only to a registered car service station for an MOT, and most such garages allow you to schedule an appointment ahead of your visit. Garages like TMC Garage Services offer MOT Check in Middlesbrough, and you can contact them to pre-book a slot. You can also make an appointment for their other services like car repair and wheel alignment in Middlesbrough.

  1. The Prices are Fixed

There is a maximum cap on what a service station can charge you for an MOT in Middlesbrough and other placed in Britain. For Class 4 (passenger vehicles with up to 8 seats), it’s a maximum of £54.84, and for motorcycles (Class 3), it is £29.65.

  1. A Lot Don’t Make the Cut

The overall MOT pass rate is only 71.3%, meaning three out of every ten vehicles fail to clear an MOT. The reasons for MOT failures show that most cases happen because car owners often forget to take care of the more trivial components.

For example, 18.4% of vehicles fail because of poor lighting and signalling, 12% fail because of suspension issues, and even 6.6% fail because of inadequate driver’s view of the road.

These interesting facts show the lesser known side of an MOT Middlesbrough, or anywhere else in the UK. On your part, remember to take the necessary care of your vehicle, take it for an interim service every six months, and it should clear its next MOT with flying colours.

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