5 Things to Look Out For Before Buying New Tractor Tyres

Tractor tyres have a sturdier and heavier design than conventional passenger vehicle tyres. They have more prominent ribs, and are designed to last for years on even the most challenging terrain. Agricultural tyres generally have to traverse over shorter distances, but the surface is dangerous.

In the UK, farmers spend tens of thousands of pounds buying the best sets of tractor tyres. However, they often do not know the critical aspects and criteria which these tyres must fulfil. Given below are 5 tips to make your tyre purchasing experience a hassle-free one.

Tip 1: Watch Out For A Lug-Free Design

A lug-free design is necessarily a stepped surface which makes rolling over farmlands easier. That is important because tractors need to completely cover the entire surface area for agricultural use to be effective while retaining traction. Farm fields, for example, are often covered with water for most of the year. Without a lug-free design, tractor tyres will get entangled in the surface.

There are multiple variations of lug-free designs. Consider the one that is mandated by the manufacturer of the tractor you own.

Tip 2: Consider The Dimensions

Each variant of tractor tyres has specific specialities and maintenance requirements. The height, width and breadth of tyres vary. While almost all tractor tyre manufacturers produce different models, tractor manufacturers themselves often recommend a specific type or make of tyres. It is always advisable to refer to manufacturer recommendations.

Michelin Tractor Tyres are generally regarded very highly across the world. If you do not see a specific manufacturer recommended, you can rely on Michelin’s products. In case you are wondering where to buy them, you can check out the range at Terry Elsey Tyres. They also provide automotive services such as wheel alignment and wheel balancing.

Tip 3: Always Check Tread Depth

A key performance indicator for tractor tyres is their tread depth. It is necessary for traversing through farmland and marshy terrain. Smaller tractors need tyres with lesser tread depths, and the requirements increase as the tractors increase in size. New tyres will automatically have significant and noticeable tread depths. Double-check on the tread depth of each tyre before purchasing.

Tip 4: Casing Strength is Important

A tractor tyre needs a very strong casing to provide years of service. That is why you must always buy a model which offers superior casing strength. Note that stronger casing leads to a significant increase in a tyre’s weight. That is why many manufacturers use composites instead of only rubber to provide a casing. Buy models which have this distinguishing feature.

Tip 5: Pay Attention to Load-Carrying Capacity

You will notice that tyres have codes inscribed on their sides. They indicate every detail about that tyre. Amongst these details is one which denotes how much load that particular model can carry. Be sure that this value is equal to or more than that recommended by your tractor’s manufacturer.

Try to avoid buying re-treaded models. Instead, prefer buying new Tractor Tyres online from reputable tyre retailers.

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