5 Tips to Increase The Longevity of Your Car’s Tyres

Tyre maintenance is essential for a safe, smooth and comfortable ride. Regular servicing and staying in touch with industry experts can help you a great deal. You need to have sufficient knowledge about tyres of different seasons, accurate tyre pressure and wheel alignment for better results. Tyres need their due attention for better performance and increased longevity.

5 tips to ensure longevity of your car’s tyres:

  1. Visual checks for holes or cuts

The most natural tip for tyre maintenance is to visually check for any holes or cuts on its surface. These are easily neglected by many riders, leading to sudden blowouts midway through your journey. You can also check for leaks by removing the tyre from your vehicle and placing it in a tub of water. Bubbles will indicate that there is a leak which needs to be plugged or patched.

In case of a significant leak, replace your tyre at the earliest. At times home remedy is possible, but not always.

  1. Correct air pressure

Make sure your tyre’s air pressure does not exceed the measure as mentioned by the manufacturer. The measure written on your car’s wheel is its maximum limit which should not be breached. A low-pressure tyre will give you a bouncy ride, while a high-pressure tyre has chances of a blowout.

Keep the air pressure within 32 to 35 pounds per square inch (PSI). A tyre gauge comes in as a handy tool to check pressure on the go.

  1. Accurate wheel alignment

The wheels should be aligned parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Check for any discrepancy if the vehicle is crooked towards the right/left or signs of poor steering wheel handling.

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  1. Rotate tyres every 6,000 – 8,000 miles

You should systematically rotate your tyres. As the front wheels of your vehicle alone more than 60% of its total momentum, their wear and tear are different from the rear ones. This 20-minute task will prove beneficial in the longevity of your tyre.

A directional tyre needs rotation with the one behind or in front of it. A non-directional tyre need not follow any pattern. You also need to include your spare tyre once in a while for superior results.

  1. Mount tyres correctly

Performing regular wheel rotation is not enough. You also need to mount the wheel correctly in your car’s axle. You need special care while tightening the nut and bolts of the wheel. Additionally, take note of your wheel’s position before inserting it.

It takes a few minutes to mount a tyre, and if done with remarkable attention, it can improve your car tyre’s life.

Read your vehicle’s user manual before you unscrew/screw a bolt from the wheel’s axle. Along with above tips, make sure you fit the right tyre as per the season. Use summer and winter tyres in Splading when the temperature rises above 7°C. Purchase car tyres from reputed manufacturers for exemplary performance.

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