5 Ways to Take Care of Summer Tyres During The Cold Months

Across the UK, people change their summer tyres to the winter models whenever the temperatures fall below freezing. Summer tyres, even the toughest ones, are unable to adequately man-oeuvre tricky roads, necessitating winter tyres, which have a different composition and increased aquaplaning resistance.

That effectively means that an entire set of summer wheels stay idle between October and March of any given year.

Here are the top 5 ways to take care of them.

Tips for Summer Tyre Storage –

  1. Store Such Tyres in a Dry Area: It is imperative that you store summer tyres in a dry area, preferably an indoor garage. Never store such tyres in a moist area, or near a car-washing bay. Moist areas are dangerous for many reasons, not least because the rubber composition gets disturbed. Even the best Tyres Slough are damaged when stored improperly.

  2. Keep Tyres Away from Solvents: Nearly all chemicals that are used in tyres are one form of solvents or the other. Car paint, lubricants, brake fluid and paint-removal chemicals are all part-solvent. Too high solvent levels can be detrimental to a tyre, especially their rubber surface. Solvents can also leave behind ungainly marks on the rubber surface.

  3. Use a Tyre Rack: A plastic tyre rack is one of those inventions that have affected the tyre industry deeply. Such racks usually have space for 5 tyres, which means that you can store all 4 tyres, plus a spare. They can help prevent tyres from getting soaked during a sudden downpour. Besides, it also helps the car owner keep one tyre set separate from another, and thus the chances of mixing up 2 sets of tyres- old and new- are very low.

  4. Inspect them Visually: Often, a cursory visual inspection can be that proverbial stitch which saves nine. Park the car and visually inspect the wheel carefully. Does the surface appear irregular? Is there any debris- nails, metal particles, stone chips- on it? In the long run, such debris will irreparably damage the insides of the tyre. In case you are unsure of where and when to start looking, visit your nearest service technicians.

You can visit garages like Triple S MOT Centre. They have a wide range of services including MOT, wheel balancing and alignment, and also sell OEM spares, including Car Tyres in Slough.

  1. Maintain Regular Tyre Pressure: Go thoroughly through the car-owner’s manual. It will mention the requisite tyre inflation for cars when they are in storage. Now, use a handheld pressure monitor to analyse the current tyre pressure correctly. If the pressure seems too high, loosen the valve a bit and let the excess amount flow out. In case there is low pressure, be sure to re-inflate the wheels.

These are 5 expert tips to store your summer tyres carefully in winter. It is advisable to use the tyre at times for short distances so that they do not sit idle for months on end. Also, do not hesitate to contact a car service customer in case you are unaware of how you should proceed.

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