5 Ways to Take Care of Your Winter Tyres This Year

Winter tyres come in handy when the temperature starts to plummet. As the mud and snow levels on the roads of the UK increase, and driving becomes slightly trickier, people must switch over to winter tyres. In such cold climes, even all-season tyres will not be of excellent service, as they have limited grip and comparatively poor aquaplaning. Winter tyres are free from such shortcomings and offer excellent value for money.

Many car owners may not know this, but all-weather or all-season tyres can never be substitutes for studded winter wheels. The latter types of tyres are safer alternatives, offer greater steering capability and control of the vehicle, and are ideal for driving safe.

Here are 5 ways you can take better care of your winter wheels.

  1. Always Perform a Visual Check

You must always use four winter tyres simultaneously for safety purposes. Before that, you must look at your car tyres carefully, for any debris or shrapnel lodged on their surface will damage the rubber exterior. Watch out for any nails embedded as well, besides other miscellaneous objects that can destroy a tyre.

  1. Avoid Frequent and Hard Braking

Braking frequently will damage the tyres as their tread depth is depleted. In English winters, people often develop a ‘heavy foot’ which means that they drive with one foot on the brake. That is a dangerous tendency and harms tyres more than many car owners realize. A heavy foot will also affect the braking mechanism and brake pads.

In case you use 4×4 Tyres in Alfreton, and other small hamlets, braking hard and too often will damage your wheels faster than you can imagine, partly because SUV or 4×4 tyres have deeper treads which are damaged easily.

  1. Monitor Air Pressure Carefully

Most new cars have onboard TPMS software installed. It automatically informs you when you are running low on tyre inflation pressure thanks to the flashing light which will brighten up on the dashboard cluster. That means that you do not have to monitor air pressure the old-fashioned way – manually. Too much inflation can also be dangerous.

In case you feel that your car’s TPMS is malfunctioning, consider an expert’s advice on how to repair the system. If you live or drive around the city of Alfreton, you can seek out professional help from technicians at professional service stations like Colemans Garage.

  1. Store Properly When Not in Use

One key to having excellent tyres is storing them scientifically when they are not in use. Make sure to stow them away in racks, and keep them away from solvents and paint. Also, ensure that you keep them indoors, preferably in garages. That way, they will serve you better in the harsh colder months.

  1. Replace Tyres Scientifically

It is important that you replace all 4 tyres simultaneously when you switch from summer or all-weather wheels to winter ones. If you plan to change your Winter Tyres in Alfreton or any similar city, choose from the best available brands and then buy the ones closest to your OEM tyres. Never mix and match winter and summer tyres. For best results, it is advisable to seek professional expertise.

These are 5 of the most common ways to take care of winter tyres. Drive with caution and under the prescribed speed limits, and you will have an extremely safe winter.

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