6 Top Signs of Your Brakes, That Tells, They Need Maintenance

Thanks to the evolution in technology, cars have become smarter than humans when it comes to diagnosing the potential problems before they actually occur. However, irrespective of its advancement, a machine is a machine, which can fail anytime. You cannot trust or depend on the machine all the time. The more time you spend with your vehicle, the more you understand the fact. Here is a little information on how you can sense that your brakes are indicating the need for some professional attention:

1. Your vehicle’s smart electronics alert you about the brake problems with the help of red or yellow dashboard brake lights. Do not ignore these lights if ‘on’ and get in touch with an authorised service centre right away.

2. Any sound related to your brake is a sign telling you that something is wrong with your brakes such as poor or incorrect brake pads, non-concentric brakes, and broken springs. The creaking sound or metallic grinding sound tells about the worn out brake pads, the hissing noise could be due to mismatched brake pads and rotor. Remember that brakes are a super essential part of your vehicle that must always be in working condition no matter what.

3. If you feel that the brakes are too light then there could be a possibility of brake fluid leakage. Too light brakes could also mean that air has entered the oil reservoir. Enough power will not reach to force the brake pads into the rotors if fluid leaks from the system. This can be checked by keeping an piece of cloth or cardboard at the bottom of your car overnight.

4. Mostly, in case of drum brakes, you may have noticed the tilting of your vehicle sideways when braking it could be due to uneven braking force on the wheels. As soon as you come across this situation take your car for repair to avoid problems occurring at the time of high speed braking or cornering.

5. Your brake system easily catches moisture from roads and is also determined by the weather conditions which can make your braking soft or sunk to the floor (the electric brake pedal is 1 inch and the handbrake is 3 inches from the floor). In case your braking system suffers from ailments such as oil leakage, air, uneven brake pads, or dirty brake, the braking force keeps appearing and disappearing every second. Take your car to repair centre right away if this kind of problem occurs.

6. A burning smell from your car could tell you about the overheated braking or clutches. Jackson MOT Northampton suggests you stop and check your parking brake if it is completely released and cool. This situation could add more damage to your brakes by boiling the brake fluids. Furthermore, the smoke from the wheels could be because of jammed caliper brake. To continue with your drive, you need to get it fixed immediately.

Car components including brakes wear out over time. The above mentioned signs will help you spot brake problems, however any delay in identifying the problems could significantly damage your brakes which could result in hefty bills. Jackson MOT takes pride in stating that for any sort of brake repair Northampton motorists like to visit us as we never fail to match or keep the original bill lower than the estimated one. So before it is too late, come visit us and get your vehicle diagnosed and repaired on time.

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