7 Common Signs to Know Whether Your Engine is Sound

An automotive engine is the heart of any vehicle which converts the gasoline’s chemical energy into mechanical energy and this energy then turns into kinetic energy with the power exerted by the wheels. Your engine gives a long life to your vehicle if you pay heed to it. Although the brain (power-train control module (PCM or ECU or EaCM) of your car’s engine is checking out everything, you should also know the signs your smart car gives you to identify the common engine problems beforehand.

Understanding these signs will help you get the faults repaired far before it becomes severe and demands hefty bills. Your wallet will thank you for spending your hard-earned money on your pleasure instead of your car’s repair, indeed! So lets not get too deep into the technicality of too many signs and study about the top seven simple, visible indications by your car that there is something wrong with its engine:

1. Vehicle Whirring: Traffic light goes green and as you turn the key to start the engine, your vehicle jerks, surges, and stalls! Most of us might have experienced a similar situation in life. There may be multiple causes for the occurrence such as bad spark plugs (engine combustion relies on the spark plugs), a clogged fuel line or fuel filter (keeps harmful debris and dirt away from the engine), and main computer malfunctioning. Periodic oil refill/changes and belt replacements can keep you from these problems.

2. Tapping or Popping Sounds: Do not ignore when you hear a knocking sound as this could mean that the bottom end of your engine needs to be repaired or it can simply be an alarm for low oil levels. Engine Diagnostics Newport suggests you contact an authorised auto service professional right away!

3. Grinding Noise: A grinding noise felt on starting your vehicle could mean a disorder in the starter motor which needs to be fixed or replaced.

4. Burning Smell under the Bonnet: A burning smell coming from the engine compartment tells you about oil or coolant leaking and sometimes it is because of carbon monoxide which is a red flag. For proper diagnosis it is vital to find the exact cause of this sort of smell.

5. Black, White, or Blue Smoke: Excessive amount or different colour of exhaust smoke is a clear indication that your engine is or might be in trouble. Too much gasoline burning causes lavish and black coloured smoke. Blue tint in smoke signals an oil leak and white smoke tells about water condensation, mixing of anti-freeze with the fuel supply or coolant leak which cause overheating. All these concerns need immediate rectification from an authorised auto workshop.

6. Loss of Acceleration Power: The engine usually loses its power when it is aged by so many years. However, a sudden loss of power while driving or accelerating can be due to various reasons. Major suspects could be dilapidated spark plugs, low compression, or faulty fuel pump. Whatever the problem, you need a professional mechanic to regain the power of acceleration.

7. Vibrations: Low level of oil could sometimes lead to metal-on-metal contact which produces vibration from your engine. Trade Price Tyres suggests you get it checked as soon as possible, before it becomes a major trouble for your engine.

These weird sounds, fluid leaks, exhaust smoke, timing belt, electricals, and mechanical issues can be minimised with regular maintenance of your vehicle. Catching your engine problems early can avert a costly auto repair. Call Trade Price Tyres at (+44) 1633-854399 for any mobile assistance and keep moving with a trouble-free engine.

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