7 Facts About Car Tyres You Did Not Know Before

There are more than 160 tyre manufacturers all across the globe, from which, approximately 300 labels are sold in the UK. It is one of the largest and most demanding markets for spare automobile parts manufacturers; Britons churn through 41.8 million car tyres in a year.

UK is the birthplace of Dunlop, the 5th largest tyre manufacturing company in the world. The BTMA or British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association also have multiple famous companies as members and is one of the leading authorities in the field. Such a rich automobile history has resulted in a deep understanding of car tyres across generations of British car owners.

However, car tyres are more than rounds of rubber. There’s a lot to a car tyre, facts which can actually help you make the best of them when it comes to your car.

These can not only help you understand the Tyres Newark that you use in your vehicle, but can also provide unusual, entertaining, and even outright surprising information.

So, let’s take a look at 7 facts about car tyres that you did not know before.

  1. Dot Code – A tyre’s sidewall holds its date of manufacturing. This code, known as DOT code, is a 4-digit numerical representation of when that tyre was manufactured. Look for a ‘DOT’ prefix, followed by a series of alpha-numerical and numerical sequence. For example, if the DOT code of your set of tyres in Newark reads 4208, then that tyre was manufactured in the 42nd week of 2008.

  2. TPMS Comes Under MOT – TPMS continuously monitors the air pressure inside the carcass and alerts the driver in case of any sudden changes. Newer vehicles that came with TPMS as standard and were registered after 1st January 2013 will have this system tested during their 1st MOT test.

  3. Premiums are UK Favourite – Despite the higher price tag, almost 47% of the car owners prefer premium car tyres in the UK. Mid-range follows close behind, with 31% of the market share, and affordable brands holding the remainder 22% of the market.

  4. A Thriving Industry – UK has a thriving tyre manufacturing industry. There are eight different manufacturing sites, owned by four brands that produce almost 15 million units per year. Together, this industry generates almost £800 million in revenues from exports only.

  5. Wholesalers Hold The Market – Wholesalers across the UK control 75% of the countrywide supply of tyres. Garages like Farnsfield Auto Centre source high-quality spares directly from the manufacturers and sell those car tyres in Newark to customers at affordable rates.

  6. Recycling – UK has a thriving part-worn tyre market. Approximately 5 million part-worn tyres are sold every year, collected by the tyre industry according to a voluntary agreement to reuse or recycle the units. They process more than 82% of the products with methods that comply with European legislation.

  7. They Play A Significant Role In Vehicular Emission – The total CO2 discharge in the UK exceeds 107 million tonnes a year. 82% of that amount comes from rolling-resistance, while only 13% happens during the manufacturing phase.

These fascinating facts can help you understand one of the most essential parts of your vehicle better, and can even play a vital role while choosing the next set. It is also further advised to refer to professional Tyre Fitting Newark for optimum fitment and performance.

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