7 Pro Tips on Tractor Maintenance and Upkeep for all Seasons

Tractors are highly efficient pieces of machinery which have made the lives of countless farmers easier. As a tractor owner, it is your responsibility to take proper care of these beasts so that they can keep serving you for longer.

Given below are 7 expert tips on tractor maintenance that you should follow under all circumstances.

1. Know Your Tractor Inside and Out

There are multiple variants of tractors available in the market, each with its unique requirements. Read the service manual from cover to cover and understand what your tractor needs in terms of maintenance. You’ll find all the pertinent information such as types of fluids and lubricants, ideal tyre pressure and servicing schedule within the manual.

2. Keep it Clean

The body of a tractor is typically made of fibreglass coated with a layer of paint and wax. If those layers are degraded, it’ll reveal the fibreglass body underneath, which may flake and turn brittle due to sun and moisture exposure. So, keep your tractor clean. Wash it, and wax it from time to time.

3. Buy Branded Tyres

Cheap tractor tyres might seem like a good bargain initially, but in the long run, it’ll prove to be a false economy. Experts always advise on investing in premium branded tyres such as BKT, Trelleborg, or Vredestein Tractor Tyres in Malton. These tyres last significantly longer and are much more resistant to damage and wear.

4. Keep Them Adequately Inflated

Inadequate inflation pressure is one of the leading causes of tyre damage. It also leads to higher fuel efficiency and damages other critical components like the suspension system.

5. Store it Right

If you are in the habit of leaving your tractor under a tree during the off-season, you’re damaging it more than you think. When the tractor is not in use, always keep it covered or in a garage. Remember the fibreglass body talked about in point #2? Keeping your tractor out in the open is the surest way of damaging it, along with other critical components like the exhaust system.

Charge the battery fully before garaging your tractor for the season. Under-charged batteries tend to freeze. Also, detach the tyres and store them separately.

6. Do Not Blow Out Air Filter; Replace Them

Air filters in tractors need to be changed more frequently than in passenger cars. That is because tractors generally operate in fields where it’s dustier. Typically, it is recommended to inspect the air filter after 8 hours of active use.

If you find that the filters are dirty, replace them altogether. Cleaning the air filter is not a good idea. Air filters are relatively inexpensive.

7. Take Your Tractor for Professional Servicing

The interval at which you should service your tractor is another vital information that you’ll find in the owner’s manual. Adhere to that strictly. Take your tractor to Terry Elsey Tyres at the said intervals. Along with performing a comprehensive service, they also sell Agricultural Tyres online.

Following these 7 tips is absolutely essential to maintain the optimal condition of your tractor. Neglect them at your own peril!

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