8 Warning Signs That Indicate Brake Problems

Remember the days when you were a child and were leaning to ride a cycle. Do you remember how many times you fell just because you forgot to use the brakes? Gradually, you leaned to balance the cycle by using the brakes when it was needed. Right? Now you own a car and drive speedily on the long highways. But, even today, you need to stop your vehicle immediately.

What does it mean?

The basics of driving never change! We are sure you have understood what the topic of this blog is. Of course, we are talking about the braking system, one of the most vital parts of a vehicle. So, the importance of brakes in a car is just unquestionable. Therefore, you need to make sure that the braking system of your car is always in perfect condition. Sometimes, the drivers ignore the issues occurring in the brake system. This behaviour of the drivers may end up in unfortunate incidents.

Thus, whenever you observe any issue in the braking system, visit a service centre for the Brake Repair BirminghamIf you are not aware of the signs of brake problems, read the information provided below carefully. In fact, you should take action whenever you notice any abnormal change in your brake system. For example, an odd noise or increased brake distance are clear signs that your brake system requires an instant check-up.

These are only a few examples and we have created a list of 8 warning signs that clearly signifies the need for a change.


Vibration in the brake pedal is a clear sign of braking issues. Moreover, vibration occurring in the steering wheel, when you apply the brakes is also a symbol of problems in the brake system.

Burning smell

Burning smell coming from the car brakes makes it clear that your brake system is witnessing a dysfunction. Moreover, smoke from the wheels may show caliper brake issues.

Odd sounds

If you hear hissing, creaking noises coming from the braking system, you should visit a car service station instantly. These sounds indicate problems in brake pads, rotors, springs, etc.

Fluid leak

If the brakes have no significant problems and you still find that it is difficult to stop your car, it may be a possibility that there is something wrong with the hydraulic systems. You may observe the braking fluid leak. Do not avoid fluid leak for a long time and fix this problem as soon as possible.

Deviation of the vehicle

Is your car deflected while you apply brakes? If yes, the force of brakes on the wheel is not distributed evenly. Do not ignore it if it happens and reach a nearby service centre.

Worn brake pads

Due to friction, brake pads may wear out over time. This condition may affect the performance of a car braking system.

Brake pedal instability

An obvious difference in car brake distance is a sign that your brake system needs a check-up. If you feel your brake pads are unstable, visit a garage immediately.

Switched on brake indicators

If you observe one of the red and yellow brake indicators on, your car needs a brake repair. If you have any issue related to your vehicle, visit Tyre City for Car Service Birmingham.

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