A Comprehensive Guide to an Mot Service

Many people are still not aware of the MOT service today, they still think of it as a regular car service, and so they avoid it. They are not aware of the fact that both the services look identical, but they aren’t. They do have some common points, but they are quite different in several aspects too. An MOT service is necessary once your vehicle turns three. And this service is repeated every year on the same date as the last year, like an anniversary or a birthday. It is a must activity to be done every year to ensure road safety and meeting environmental standards, essentially, it ensures that your vehicle is worthy of the road and meets the minimum safety standards set by the DVSA. These tests are conducted by a qualified and trained professional at an authorized test centre around the country, spotlighting an official blue sign showing three white triangles. An MOT includes a lot of checks on your vehicle, starting from the brakes and lights to the fuel system, belts, mirrors, exhaust system, windscreen wipers etc. But it doesn’t cover the condition of your gearbox, engine and clutch.

You can also get an MOT Maidstone service performed at a local committee test centre. Such centres mostly perform only the MOT service and not the regular car service, few of them may provide both the services, but mostly it’s only an MOT service. Also, remember that the MOT certificate confirms at the time of test when your vehicle meets the minimum road safety standard expected by the law. But this does not mean that your car will remain worthy of the road for a whole year, you need to get its regular service as well to keep it up to the mark.

It occurs in almost everyone’s mind that how much time does an MOT takes, An average MOT takes around 45-60 minutes, but not only this, there are a few things that are also taken into consideration. If your vehicle fails the MOT test, then it will need repairs and this will take longer than usual. If you fail the test, then the test centre will not further allow you to drive the car until you get past the test and get a valid MOT certificate, and you get all the problems rectified.


It’s not like all the vehicles fail the MOT test or all the vehicles pass the test, all that depends on the condition of your vehicle. All this is because of the small faults that occur in your vehicle that can be fixed by the owner of the vehicle itself. Here are a few ways, your vehicle could fail the MOT test.

1. Screenwash should be in its best condition, this is a basic thing that anybody could take care of, and you should not be caught by this one.

2. If your vehicle is dirty and filled with trash, then your vehicle is likely to fail the test. Keep all your windows, mirrors squeaky clean to avoid such failure.

3. Some people have stickers stick on the windshield of their vehicles, make sure this should be avoided as it blocks the view of the person driving. This should be strictly avoided preventing major road accidents.

4. A problem with the registration plate, if the plate used the incorrect spacing, typeface, was dirty or missing few numbers or the numbers are not visible due to any reasons, then you need to change the plate or wash it if it’s due to dust. Make sure your registration plate follows all the rules set by the DVLA.


• Firstly, you should never fail all those reasons that we discussed in the above section, as they can be easily fixed by you. This will also help you keep the cost down at the centre. Try to fix the problems yourself, that you can fix.

• Secondly, keep a check on the brake lights, ask any of your friends or family member to step outside the car and see if all the lights are working.

• Thirdly, take a look at the tyres and see that the tread depth should not be below 1.6 mm, otherwise you’ll fail the test. Also, check for cuts, bulges and cracks in the sidewall of your tyres.

• Make sure your windscreen wipers function problem, i.e. they clean the front glass of your vehicle properly. Plus, any hole or tears in the rubber of the wiper can lead to the failed MOT Maidstone. Check the horn, it should be audible and loud enough to hear. Also, check the fuel and the engine oil, make sure your vehicle has enough of both.

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