A Comprehensive Guide to MOT Every Vehicle Owner Must Know

An MOT test is an annual vehicle test in Britain that ensures your vehicle’s safety, roadworthiness and emission limit. It is mandatory in the UK that every car above 3 years passes this test to ply legally on the streets.

Now, though almost all motorists are familiar with the test, yet most of them don’t have an in-depth understanding. So, it’s time you understand the ins and outs of MOT.

As we all know, appearing for an MOT check is inevitable, so here’s a comprehensive guide to everything you must bear in mind before turning up for the annual check-up.

So, when should you turn up for an MOT?

You need to appear for an MOT check on –

  • On the 3rd year of your vehicle’s registration.

  • A year after your last MOT (provided your vehicle is 3 years old.)

However, you don’t require to turn up for an MOT if your car is above 40 years of age. From turning up for an MOT test.

Caution: A hefty fine of up to £1000 could be levied upon you if you’re driving a valid MOT.

How can you book an MOT test?

MOTs are performed only by Government certified garages. You can book your first MOT from a reliable local garage like Treadstones Autofit. They also offer online booking of MOT in Leicester.

What does an MOT test include?

The following vehicle components should meet the legal standards to clear an MOT –

  • Wheel and tyre condition

  • Brakes

  • Car battery

  • Steering and suspension

  • Car’s exterior

  • Emission limit

  • Lights and horn

  • Mirrors and windscreen

  • Registration plate

What are the things overlooked from the test?

An MOT test doesn’t cover –

  • Your engine’s condition

  • Clutch

  • Gearbox

Understanding MOT test results

An MOT result classifies your vehicle into 3 categories –

  1. Minor

  2. Major

  3. Dangerous

Now, if your car passes with minor defects, you’d be presented with an MOT certificate. However, if your vehicle falls under the significant and dangerous category, then you’re up for some trouble.

Speaking of which…

What follows an MOT failure?

If your car falls under major defects, then you’d be offered to conduct the necessary repairs at the MOT test centre itself or any other garage of your choice.

But, if it’s under the dangerous category, then you have no choice but to turn for post MOT repair session at the test centre itself.

This is why; experts suggest booking a pre MOT repair for minimising the chances of failures. Therefore, book an MOT in Leicester from any reputable certified garage which additionally offers such pre and post service packages.

How long does an MOT check take?

At any professional MOT centre, an average test takes up about an hour. However, if your vehicle needs repairs, it’ll take much longer.

Usually, a test centre forbids you from driving if you fail the test. However, under the following instances, you will not be charged –

  • Only if your existing MOT certificate is still valid.

  • If you’re taking your vehicle elsewhere for repair (in case of major defect.)

Hope this guide will provide you with all the necessary details that you need to understand about the MOT. For more, make sure to refer to experts directly. Pass your test with flying colours!

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