A comprehensive guide to the MOT test

If your vehicle is over three years of age, it’ll need an MOT consistently – a test completed by qualified analysts to check its roadworthiness.

The new guidelines will be classified as Major or Minor faults. On the old MOT your vehicle gets a pass, a pass with some warning issues in case there are some of the minor issues detected in it. Let’s have a look at the different categories of the problems that your vehicle falls into while getting the test done.


Categories of your MOT failing

  • Risky – In case your vehicle is found with a hazardous issue. The vehicle can’t be driven until the deficiency has been fixed and it becomes roadworthy again.
  • Major – If a significant issue has been detected in your vehicle, it is not counted as a big issue. However, the maintenance should be made as quickly as time permits.

When your vehicle passes the MOT test

  • Pass Your vehicle passes and satisfies the lawful guideline issued by the government on the account of MOT.
  • Warning Your vehicle passes on the condition that if there is an issue with your vehicle, you will have to get it fixed. It is a case where any part of your vehicle deteriorates before the next year. Tests for the Cars like Alfa Romeo Mot Northampton have many test centers to help you out with.
  • Minor Your vehicle passes, yet has an issue that should be remedied at the earliest. In case you don’t sort it out, it will deteriorate and worsen the situation for you.

The distinction between major and dangerous MOT failings are-

  • To put it plainly, with a hazardous deficiency you can’t drive your vehicle.
  • With a significant shortcoming, you may have the option to drive your vehicle as it can still be counted roadworthy.
  • The thing that you should always keep in mind is that you can have your MOT done by a month prior to your old MOT. It is because the commemoration date will in any case be of one year after the old testament date.

In the event that your vehicle bombs its MOT before your old MOT certificate gets expired:

  • You can’t drive it with perilous shortcomings. These should be fixed first. You can be fined £2,600 in case you are found using a vehicle with risky problems. You can also get restrictions from driving your vehicle on the road for three years. This is on the grounds that your vehicle is naturally recorded as no longer street legitimate on the UK’s advanced vehicle information base, so the specialists will think about its condition first.
  • If your old MOT is as yet substantial, you can still drive your vehicle with a significant deficiency. In light of the fact that you took your vehicle in for an MOT early. However, your vehicle has shortcomings that may make it unroadworthy and creates some chances for getting disrupted by the police.

These are the few things that you need to be aware of while being the owner of a vehicle. It is a basic yet important thing to follow the rules made for your vehicle. Reach out to MOT Northampton for better services related to MOT Test. Considering every factor while driving a vehicle is a wise decision for the safety of your belongings, your vehicle, and you. So do not hurry and make your decisions carefully.

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