A Guide to Maintaining Your Car Battery in winter

Car batteries in Newark are a crucial component of your vehicle. From getting the car started to charging your I-pad during the drive – car batteries are mandatory for the smooth functioning of a car. With winter, there can be multiple detrimental impacts on the car battery as on any other car component. That’s why it’s essential to maintain your car battery to perform optimally in the colder months.

Single digit temperatures during the winter months are not an uncommon sight and often lead the battery to give up. However, according to experts, some tips would help you protect it during these chilly months.

Thus, before you’re opting for fresh Car Batteries Newark, know how to preserve it first, courtesy such tips –

  • Lookout For The Expiration Date

Most batteries last for 5-6 years on an average, and they can be considered far more durable than the older versions of theirs. However, come winter, and they work a lot more than they’re supposed to.

Thus, after braving a couple of winters, it finally gives up. If it needs fixing, take it for a car battery service in Newark at any professional garage.

  • Battery Terminals Must Be Cleaned

As the temperature starts to drop, the terminals of car batteries tend to corrode. Hence, these terminals must be cleaned every 1 or 2 weeks.

Here’s how to do it –

Step 1: Detach the battery connectors

Step 2: Make a paste from baking soda and distilled water

Step 3: Rub a brush into it, and gently rub it over the terminals

All the above-mentioned steps will prevent the dried acid from building up. However, if you notice rust or corrosion, this technique won’t work. In that case, buying a new car battery in Newark is your only hope!

  • Get The Insulator Diagnosed

Some modern-day cars have insulators to protect the cells from exceptionally high or low temperatures. Make sure that there are routine check-ups to ensure that the insulation is in its place and working correctly.

  • Check Battery’s Voltage

Every time your vehicle goes for an oil change or any servicing, make sure to check the battery’s voltage as well. Generally, an issue with the voltage is indicative of significant problems in the batter’s fluid levels.

However, considering the technical expertise needed in its servicing, it is advisable that you take your car to the reputed garages like Farnsfield Auto Centre. They not only provide quality car battery service in Newark but also perform exhaust and engine diagnostics among other services.

  • Keep The Battery Charged

Leaving your car in the garage for a significantly long time has an adverse impact on the car’s battery. Therefore, experts recommend that you start the engine every once in a while even if you’re not headed somewhere.

Additionally, if you use a lot of electrical appliances out of your vehicle, investing in a battery charger can be your best option. It’s far more economical than purchasing new Car Batteries in Newark every 1 to 2 years.

It’s also advised to keep up with the routine diagnosis of the car to ensure that each component of it functioning smoothly. This will mitigate any unnecessary strain on the battery.

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