A Note for Novices: Get Wise with Your Car’s TPMS

Your car is a well-organised set of mechanical parts and technically smart gadgets that make it a worthy motor vehicle. Most car control systems are fixed around the driving seat so that the one who is holding the steering of the car can handle them well. To better control the car, it is advisable that the drivers do not lose sight from the warning signs even for a moment. Your car’s dashboard may flash some signs such as lights and sounds, and being a cautious car driver, you must keep them all under your watch.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS)

Among all car control systems equipped in a car, the ‘Tyre Pressure Monitoring System’ (TPMS) is the significant one. We are Nil’s Tyre Services, and we have been catering services for car tyres in Blackburn. We want you – the proud car owners in the vicinity, to get wise with the TPMS and the purpose the device is designed to serve.

You will probably have no objection to the fact that tyre’s health determines the safety and soundness of car driving. Even studies have found that most accidents that occur on the UK motorways are the outcome of incorrect tyres pressures. If you go by this fact, you will find the tyre pressure monitoring system a worthy aid for your car.

What Does the TMPS Do?

The tyre pressure monitoring system allows drivers to keep tabs on their car’s tyre pressure and temperature in real-time while the car is on the move. In case there is an abnormal change in the tyres’ pressure and temperature, the monitoring system tips the drivers off the danger with a clearly audible warning sound and bright light. When car owners seek our advice at Nil’s Tyre Services to enhance the safety of their car’s tyres in Blackburn, we recommend them the TMPS and how they can make most of it and stay safe on a drive.

How Does the TMPS Work?

Keeping track of your car’s tyres temperature and pressure manually is neither tactical nor accurate. Since the TPMS is an electronic system, the sensors equipped in it can better keep an all-around watch on the tyre’s conditions and that too while on the move. Moreover, you have the data on the screen to monitor in real time. The data provided by the system can be harnessed to resurrect the tyre pressure and temperature before your car encounters an accident. The pressure monitoring system works in integration with other monitoring systems equipped in your vehicle, such as the braking system. Thus, the data accessed enables you to take better control and care of your car.

The TMPS Can Boost Fuel Efficiency – is it True?

It will be surprising to know how the tyre pressure monitoring system can come in useful to boost the fuel efficiency of your car. Are you aware of the fact that if you run your car with under-inflated tyres, i.e., 0.3 bar, there are higher chances for your car to consume more fuel? Not just that; driving a car with an abnormally low tyre pressure can put it at risk to emit a higher amount of CO2. Studies reveal that your car might consume about 2 per cent more fuel. Not only does it increase the overall running and maintenance cost of your car, but also places a threat to the environment with high carbon emission. Being a premier retailer of Car Tyres in Blackburn, we know the reason why your car consumes more fuel than what is claimed by the manufacturer – maybe low tyre pressure is the reason behind it.

What Makes the TMPS a Worthy Car Tool

From enhancing driving safety to improving fuel economy, the tyre pressure monitoring system is surprisingly a key car tool. Not only does the system increase the performance of your car’s tyres, but it also enables your vehicle to last for more than its average lifespan. If you are expecting your car to please you with better driving experience, watch out what the tool warns you about.

UK Regulations and the MOT – Does the TMPS Fit Well in the Framework?

A vehicle equipped with the tyre pressure monitoring system is less likely to fail the MOT test. Since the MOT test is held to perform a safety check on your car, your car has probably higher chances to succeed with the monitoring tool installed in it. Since the system abides by the UK regulations which have been drafted to develop or promote vehicle safety, the pressure monitoring holds the virtue in your favour.

From 2014 onwards, the TMPS comes pre-installed in almost all cars and motor vehicles as standard equipment. The tool that doesn’t take a toll on the environment and that has been integrated with the purpose to promote safer and comfortable driving experience is a blessing from the automotive industry to your vehicle – let the mileage be marked.

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