About Premium, Mid-range, and budget tyres

A brand new tyre set doesn’t cost less. If you are looking for tyres that can deliver excellent performance and live longer, you will have to spend a good amount of money. However, there are brands that sell tyres at reasonable prices. Looking at different tyre categories it becomes difficult to stick to just one.

Tyres have been categorised differently according to various factors. If you are looking for seasonal tyres the categories include Summer, Winter, and All season tyres. Depending on the performance and price tag, tyres have been divided into Premium, Mid-range, and Budget tyres. Selecting one from the latter categories can be a challenging task. One can easily pick a tyre among the seasonal tyres according to the temperature and road conditions. However, choosing one from the Premium, mid-range, and budget tyres can be tough work.
If you also find yourself puzzled when it comes to replacing your Tyres Mildenhall, this blog is for you. It consists of all the information you need on these tyre types to make your decision easier and worth the money.

Premium tyres

This is the highest category of tyres. You can expect excellent and optimum level performance from Premium tyres. They deliver an outstanding handling performance. You no longer need to worry about wet braking and gripping. Premium tyres are made of a special tread compound that ensures a strong grip on different roads. These tyres have a longer life as they don’t wear prematurely. Their tread depth is enough to grip the road well and attain maximum traction.

Every good thing comes with a price and the same goes for Premium tyres. They come with a heavy price tag. However, their performance is worth every penny you spend on Premium tyres. Leading brands like Bridgestone, Hankook Tyres Mildenhall, Continental, Goodyear, etc make good-quality Premium tyres. You can explore the variety of options from them.

Mid-range tyres: These tyres are not as cheap as budget tyres and also don’t cost as much as the Premium ones. They fall somewhere in the middle. Given their cost, their performance is worth praising. These tyres are designed for people who want good performance at a lower price. Mid-range tyres offer great performance and money value. Their braking ability is efficient and firm. They last as much as Premium tyres, maybe a little less but the difference in their longevity isn’t huge.

Both mid-range and Premium tyres can be used for longer distances and regular driving. Their quality is high and the chances of punctures caused due to minor contacts with sharp objects are minimised. You can trust these tyres with your safety and money.

Budget tyres: The third category contains Budget tyres. These tyres aren’t manufactured by any big tyre company. Small dealers and sellers make these average-quality tyres for occasional drivers. These tyres perform just fine but you should never expect their performance to match that of the other two tyre types.

Budget tyres can be used on cars that are driven occasionally and for shorter distances. The ultimate USP of these tyres is their cost. They don’t cost you a fortune. In fact, these tyres are very cheap.

Now that you have gathered all the necessary information on different tyres, you can make a wiser decision. This will ensure comfortable drives.

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