All About The Problems Related With Your Car Batteries

A car without a battery is the earth without sun. All of the life processes will suspend if there is no sun to shine upon our mother earth. Likewise, if the battery of your car is out of its power, there is not a single function that can begin. The battery is responsible for igniting the spark plug, that is used by the engine to combust the fuel; the combustion further provides the necessary power to other parts of your car. The battery can also be credited as the saviour under emergency conditions.

In general, the battery of your car starts the car, and when the control is taken over by the engine, it gets recharged again at the expense of the engine’s power. The regeneration procedure makes use of alternators of your car that converts the mechanical energy from your engine back into the electrical charge. The charges are then stored back in the battery. The recharging cycle of the battery depends on its type and also the age of the battery. A weak and ageing battery can discharge quickly but takes time to recharge. However, the charging time of a new battery is shorter compared to its discharging time.

It is not always the age of a battery that leads to its death; a premature failure is pretty common because of tiny issues related with the electricals of your car.

The most prominent of them are:

Overnight Drainage

As a driver, it is a common mistake to leave your car’s headlights on at the power of your battery. The battery of your car is not built to provide for the needs of the electricals for such long hours. Therefore, it will drain out due to exertion if you leave any light on.

Fix: You can make use of the jump-starting kit or a live battery from another car to jump-start your vehicle. The next step will be recharging the dead battery by running your engine for some time, which will help you save significantly on buying a new battery. The only necessity to have is the right jump cable.

Battery And Its Connections

If the connections are not made aptly with your battery, then it is highly likely that your battery will leak charge while in the recharging cycle with the alternators. Without the right amount of charge, your battery will take time to charge back to its standard level. Hence, shorter rides can drain your batteries significantly.

Fix: Don’t forget to check the links of your battery from time to time. If you find any loose connections, don’t neglect it and get it corrected accordingly. There is a possibility that your terminals have gotten old, and the corrosion has started to work upon the battery. You can clean it off or take it to an expert to get the corrosion removed.

Alternators Are The Reason

An alternator is a charging source for the life source of your car. Alternators make use of the engine’s power to charge the batteries back again, and if any error persists with them, it might lead to inadequate charge in the battery even with a long drive. You would not expect your battery to die so soon, but it might, that too in the worst of situations. You can point at your alternators when the lights are dimming, and the car is not starting even after having bought a new battery for your vehicle.

Fix: Take a voltmeter and check the readings between the terminals of your battery. If the reading falls between 14 to 15 volts with the running engine, then the alternators are fine; if not, check the wirings. If, even then the problem exists, take the car to an expert and let him do the magic for you.

The Electronic Control Unit And The Error Attached

The ECU is responsible for the various procedures to start with the reading obtained from different components of your vehicle. If there is anything wrong with the manipulation of these digits, your battery might drain accordingly.

Fix: You can take your vehicle to an expert and let him run a diagnosis. If the car generates error codes, then get the ECU checked and mended.

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