All About Tyres Pressure And Why Does Tyre Pressure Drop?

Continental 4x4 ContactCar tyres are delicate. Pressure maintenance should take priority over other aspects of your tyre. There is a very good reason for this. See, the weight of your car rests on the tyre pressure. It does not rest on the tyre structure. In other words, not maintaining the right kind of pressure will directly mean that your Car Tyres Sleaford will get damaged.

To maintain vehicle safety and fuel efficiency, you need to ensure that you maintain proper tyre inflation.

Why is car tyre pressure important?

It is understandable if you do not understand the basic concepts of tyres and the pressure of the same. Wondering why tyre pressure is important for your cars? If so, here is all that you need to know:

  • Tyre pressure allows you to maintain the safety of your car. Without the right pressure, you will see your car become dangerous.
  • Right pressure in tyres will help you keep the car stable. You can drive your car better, and help you to maintain steering correctness.
  • Furthermore, you can avoid collisions as well.
  • Maintaining the right pressure will help you keep your tyres and wheels safe. The wrong pressure in tyres can lead to massive damages to your tyres and cost you a lot of money.
  • The right tyre pressure will help you see better fuel efficiency. The wrong pressure will lead to the usage of more fuel.
  • It helps you improve your braking capacity as well. Tyres with the right pressure make your tyre improve braking on wet surfaces. Braking distances improve as well.
  • Also, aquaplaning becomes less of a problem. Maintaining proper tyre pressure will improve your chances of driving in stable conditions on wet surfaces.

What should the tyre pressure be?

Tyre pressure for your car tyres can be found in the manual of the car. This can be found as “psi” next to numbers.

However, in some cases, the pressure recommended tyre pressure is given in “pounds per square inch.” Then, this is shortened into “psi.”

Passenger cars need anywhere between 32 psi to 35 psi. But this is for colder weather conditions.

Also, when the temperature drops down, you should make it a point to check the pressure regularly.

For warmer weather conditions, the tyre pressure can be anywhere between 30 to 35 psi.

Furthermore, between summers and winters, your car tyre pressure can see a difference of 4 psi. This is a huge difference when you think about it.

Apart from this, note that tyre pressure in the front will usually be a little higher than the rear tyres. This is because the front tyres have to compensate for the extra weight of the engine and transmission.

Tyre pressure: Why does it drop down?


One of the most obvious reasons for losing tyre pressure is a puncture wound. A puncture will make the air leak out of the wound.

However, the loss in air pressure due to a puncture will be gradual.

Faulty Valve

You may need new tyres if you keep driving with a faulty valve. Since you have to use a pump to fill the air in the tyre, if the valve is damaged, this will be difficult.

What’s more, the air will continue to leak out. This will lead to your car’s tyre becoming damaged, thereby making you need new tyres.

Damaged treads

Damaged tread beads will make the air go out of the tyre. This can happen due to a small piece of a sharp object becoming lodged into the tyres. Furthermore, an old tyre’s bead will automatically become damaged.

Damaged treads mean that air keeps leaking out, which leads to a lower pressure of air.

Temperature changes

The temperature and tyre inflation are closely related to each other. It is said that even a 7 psi difference can lead to an 8000 km difference in the total turnaround time.

What to do?

When you have tyres, make it a habit to check the tyre pressure once in a while. Regularly checking up on your tyres will help maintain the right pressure in the tyres.

For those who don’t know the right pressure requirement, you can find it in:

  • Your car’s manual, or
  • By the side of your driver’s seat.

Bottom Line: Maintaining tyre pressure

You need to make it a point to see if your Tyres Osbournby is equipped with the right air pressure. Make sure that you know what the recommended value is and where your tyre’s pressure stands.

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