All Car Tyres Types and Which One is Best for You – Read to Know

Since the discovery of the rubber vulcanisation process by Robert William Thompson in 1845, and subsequent improvement by John Boyd Dunlop in 1888, car tyres have evolved into many types and sizes.

After serving for around 6 years, or maybe 8 years at best, car tyres need to be replaced. When deciding on which tyres in Spalding to buy, you’ll face an endless number of choices of brands and tyre varieties.

To makes matters easier, let’s look at the different categories of car tyres in Spalding to choose from. Now, tyres can be categorised mainly by two types, viz. – by performance characteristics, and by the season of use.

Tyres by the season of use

  1. Winter tyres

Winter tyres are specifically designed to deliver reliable performance in temperatures below 7°C. Specific tread design that has deep grooves and large tread blocks help to retain higher traction on snow. Additional sipes cut into the individual tread blocks, and help with traction on snow.

Additionally, a winter tyre’s tread compound comprises a higher amount of natural rubber, which makes them softer. Due to the same reason, it doesn’t crack when temperatures turn frigid.

  1. Summer tyres

During March to September, the temperature stays above 7°C. In these warm weather conditions, it’s best to drive with a set of summer tyres in Spalding. Summer tyres are different from winter tyres in design and composition.

One can easily recognise a summer tyre by the shallow tread depth and a limited number of grooves. Summer tyres are also harder and have low rolling resistance. A particular emphasis in resisting hydroplaning by creating dedicated channels to flush out water through the sides is observable in these tyres.

  1. All-season tyres

All season tyres fulfil the middle ground between summer and winter tyres. They offer reliable performance in mild winters and throughout summers. They are also an economical choice for motorists who live in an area that don’t experience high-temperature fluctuations.

Tyres by performance

  1. Standard tyres

These are the OE approved tyres that fulfil all necessary performance parameters. Manufacturers fit these tyres when cars are first shipped out of the showroom. They fall in the affordable range and meet all criteria of most motorists’ simple commuting needs.

  1. Touring tyres

These tyres focus more on comfort. Their tread design and overall construction reduce vibrations. Low noise is also a common feature with touring tyres. Many of these feature an asymmetric tread pattern that has a different inner side pattern than the outer side. Motorists who prioritise comfort in driving will benefit the most from touring car tyres in Spalding.

  1. Sports tyres

Sports tyres deliver superior handling and road grip. Their tread compounds are highly specialised and offer excellent traction at high speeds. The improved cornering stability and steering response are easily noticeable after mounting a set of sports tyres in Spalding. Many car owners opt for these for an aftermarket improvement of their vehicle.

Depending on your driving requirements, you should choose the right tyres. Matmore Motors is one of the leading garages that retail all varieties of tyres. You can get your hands on branded tyres from Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop and others at this garage.

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