All the Reasons for You to Maintain Perfect Wheel Alignment

All automobile experts stress on maintaining proper wheel alignment as a way to keep up a car’s performance. However, we often tend to ignore these common bits of advice and dismiss them as trivial issues until it’s too late. So, when is it too late and when should you consider going for a Wheel Alignment in Easington or other cities?

There’s no thumb rule that states a certain amount of distance travelled and time duration, after which a wheel alignment service should be availed. Therefore, it’s best to have your own standard car service routine that incorporates wheel alignment. On average, experts suggest a range of 5000 to 6000 miles as a measure to re-align your car’s wheel. Moreover, this standard also applies to tyre balancing and tyre rotation. However, wheel misalignment is a more pressing issue than most other defects.

Here’s why should you take wheel alignment seriously

To understand this, visualise an angle. The farther away you move from the vertex, greater the distance between the two lines of the angle becomes. Deriving from this observation, a vehicle with just one front wheel out of alignment by 1 inch will cause the car to drag 100 feet every mile away from the centre line.

Additionally, following are the other repercussions of wheel misalignment –

  • Your car can suffer a decrease of 7% in fuel economy when you drive with improper alignment.

  • Improper wheel alignment increases a car’s stopping distance, thus putting your life at risk.

  • Misalignment exerts undue stress on your car’s suspension system, which can potentially damage the components. Hence, it increases the chance of expensive repairs.

  • Misaligned wheels accelerate tread wear and induce uneven tread erosion.

The above consequences by themselves are reasons enough for you to maintain proper alignment of your car’s wheels.

Tips to avoid improper wheel alignment –

  • Drive cautiously and avoid speeding over potholes and kerbs. The impact caused by the sharp upward movement causes your car’s wheels to go out of alignment.

  • Don’t change the suspension height without re-aligning the wheels, as changing suspension height will inevitably shift the alignment angles.

  • Monitor the Steering Angles Sensors, and dynamic stability controls if your car has them, as they can inform about any alignment issues.

  • Maintain your suspension components in their best possible condition. Worn and slack springs, struts and leaking dampers can cause the wheels to go out of alignment.

Perhaps one of the most costly consequences of driving with improper alignment is complete deterioration of your car’s tyres. So, if you have been noticing more than usual tyre tread wear, you may need to replace your car’s old tyres with new Tyres in Easington.

Improper wheel alignment on different parameters causes tyre tread erosion with varying patterns, such as feather and camber wear.

  • Feather pattern tread wear – It appears in the form of a rough tread surface, and one can feel the abrasiveness in just one direction by running their finger over the surface.

  • Camber wear – camber wear appears in the form of biased tread wear either in the inner or the outer edge of a tyre’s tread.

Upon noticing any of the above kind of uneven tread wear, head over to a car garage for professional help. For instance, Easington Service Station offers precise wheel alignment service. Additionally, they also stock a wide range of quality tyres including 4×4 and summer tyres.

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