All you need to know about the MOT test

The government of the UK has strict rules when it comes to vehicle maintenance. The MOT is a part of those regulations. It is illegal to drive a vehicle without having an MOT test passing certificate. Passing the test is important to make sure that your vehicle is roadworthy.

What is an MOT test?

The Ministry of Transport Test is an annual vehicle maintenance test. It is conducted by the ministry with the same name in the UK. The test ensures that all your vehicle components are in a good state and it is safe to drive. A number of vehicle parts are checked during the test. Every vehicle 3 years or older needs to pass this test.

Where to get the test done?

You can get the test scheduled at a certified test centre near you. Almost 21,000 test centres conduct the MOT Nuneaton test all over the UK. Most of them let you book an appointment online as well. After booking the test you are provided with a test date and time. All you need to do is take the vehicle to the test centre on the specified day.

The rest is done by the professionals at the test centre. You can leave your vehicle there and run some errands or you can also wait until the test is done.

What if my vehicle fails the test?

In case your vehicle fails the test, you will have to get the repairs done. Most of the test centres provide this service. So, you will not have to take the vehicle to a garage. After that, you will have to get the test rescheduled. The centre will give you another date.

What parts are checked during the MOT?

The MOT test involves checking your vehicle components thoroughly. After 2018, certain rules have been changed. The Ministry has made stricter rules for diesel car emissions, new categories for defects, and more checks on tyres, fluid leaks, and light damages.

Also, vehicles that are 40 years or older no longer need to take the MOT test.

Tips to pass the MOT test

Most vehicles fail the MOT tests because of minor faults. This means a rescheduled test with some damage repairs. However, you can avoid this scenario by keeping the following things in mind:

  • Make sure that the screen wash is not popped up. This is a very minor thing but it usually leads to a failed MOT.
  • It is advised to clear all the dirt and mess from the vehicle. Remove the unnecessary stuff from your car. It should look clean.
  • The registration plate of your car should be in the proper format. An incorrect format or spacing will lead to a fail.
  • Any sticker on the windscreen that blocks the driver’s view is a big problem. If there’s one on yours, remove it right away.
  • By keeping the above-mentioned things in mind, you can avoid the minor mistakes made during the test.

MOT Retests

You can drive a car that has failed the MOT test only after the faults have been fixed. You will have to book a partial MOT retest before you can drive the vehicle on the road. Leaving the car at the test centre for the repair will help you get the partial retest for free if it is done within the 10 working days of failing the test.

The MOT test is crucial to be passed. It makes sure that you and other drivers are safe.

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