All You Should Know About Tyre Rubbing

Whether you are an auto mechanic or someone who is just experienced in fuelling the vehicle or checking the tyre pressure, the sensation and sound of rubbing wheel brings a thought that something is wrong with the vehicle.

This is a guide to understand and solve some common issues of tyre rubbing:

Potential Tyre Rubbing Causes

Extreme Misalignment

Abnormal tyre wearing results in alignment issues, but tyre rubbing can also be caused by vehicle misalignment.

Wheel Spacers

For fitment, performance, and aesthetic purposes, Wheel spacers are useful. A large tyre can be fitted to the vehicle without rubbing with the help of spacers. They produce clearance to components inside the wheel well. However, spacers may act as a sword with double-edged. Sometimes, you can gain interior clearance by moving the tyre assembly from the hub.  But, you will face rubbing in Goodyear Tyres Kirton in your car.

Goodyear Tyres

Wheel Offset Change

The tyre and wheel are moved laterally from left to right by the specification of the Wheel offset well within the wheel. The tyre can be positioned differently when the wheel offset changes even if the tyre size doesn’t increase. This causes rubbing. It’s a usual myth people believe that replacing it with an aftermarket wheel of the same size as the OE wheel will fit in the same way into the vehicle. But, this is not the case. A critical specification for considering is the Wheel offset. Tyre rubbing occurs if there is no match in the wheel offset.

Suspension Component Issues

The suspension components fail when one side of the suspension is compressed by the weight transfer as you drive over bumps or take corners. This occurs due to tyre rubbing. A finite lifespan is available in the components of Vehicle shock. Wearing of shock mounts, failure of shocks and elasticity loss in springs, as well as bushing, occurs with time. Less damping capacity in suspension components or sagging suspension results from this.  Thus, managing bumps on the road becomes tough.  Even though the height of the ride and the suspension of the vehicle look normal while being stationary, tyre rubbing still occurs.

Considering the area where the vehicle is increasing in mileage or age with the original components of suspension must be considered as the possible cause of tyre rubbing.

Checking For Tyre Rubbing

  • When the vehicle has been parked, you can figure out the contact points of tyre rubbing if you have an SUV or truck with a remarkable wheel gap. You must ensure that you are on level ground with the vehicle and the parking brake has been engaged. You need to use a light to mark the areas whether any contact is being made by the tyre.
  • Generally, the Wheel wells are too dirty. A point of contact where the wheel well liner is being swiped by the tyre will stick out. You may also find a liner hole in extreme cases.
  • For getting a complete look, removal of the wheel might be needed in a performance or sports car where you can have a clear view of the wheel well.
  • For identifying the causes of rubbing in Cheap Tyres Kirton, tracing the tyre rubbing location can give you an efficient start.

The Risks and Dangers of Tyre Rubbing

Damage to the good liner of the wheel is a serious issue in many tyres rubbing case. In exchange for upsized tyres as well as other benefits of performance, this is accepted by some enthusiasts as the ultimate means.  However, steering components and suspension contact face serious results. You must avoid this or else hazardous damage of tyre, vehicle components, tyre sidewall, etc may be the result. These tyre rubbing consequences may prove to be fatal on the road.

Thus, you need to go through an effective mechanical diagnosis for tracing and preventing such issues. Sometimes suspension parts replacement and alignment serve as simple solutions for tyre rubbing issue.

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