Are You Ready to Store Your Car Tyres During Summer?

It’s not long now before you switch to summer tyres and stack away the ones used in winter.

Well, ponder on this critical question – Is stacking away enough?

No doubt shelling out money to buy different pairs of car tyres in Durham for two different seasons is painful. Nevertheless, they come with their own sets of benefits and cost-effectiveness.

Now, how cost-effective they prove to be in the long run is your lookout. With all-season tyres lasting for over 5 years, speciality tyres carry a longer life span. As mentioned earlier, how you treat it bears a critical weightage. Treatment is not only limited to caring while driving. It’s also about giving it proper storage when not in use.

Read on and see if you are up for the right storage or not!

When To Go Forward With The Storage?

Leaving this decision to your discretion is the worst you can do with your car tyres. If you do so, stop it now itself. Usually, if your tyres have been lying unused for over a month, it’s time you give them a proper storage treatment.

Replace them with a summer or all-season tyre depending on the season, and store away properly. Leaving them unused on the wheels for longer than this may damage the tyre body and affect their performance.

What Does ‘properly’ Imply In This Context?

By correctly we mean not doing things like –

  • Storing them with grime and dust still on the body.

  • Keeping them at a place that receives direct sunlight.

  • Covering them with bags made of unsuitable material.

  • Keeping one stacked on the other.

  • Covering them with the vehicle still sitting on.

Make sure to follow the storage of Car Tyres Durham with these tips –

  • Give them a thorough cleaning with soap and water. Also, completely drying them is essential to avoid any corrosion over time.

  • Keep tyres separately in large bags to avoid contact with each other. Make sure the bags are made of high-quality plastic and are air-tight. Preferably, go for the ones that are black.

  • Store them in a location that is cool and dry. Basements have proven to be the best places for tyre storage. You can also choose to take them to a tyre hotel for storage.

  • Keeping them vertically stored will reduce stress and save from shape distortion.

  • If keeping them together in a single bag, make sure to match the rubber in black towards black and white towards white patterns.

That was all of the critical storage tips for car tyres. Following all of them may not be possible due to unavoidable circumstances. So, the question prevails, is there one best solution for tyre storage? Let’s see.

The Best Tyre Storage Solution

Expert garages like North East Tyre Services say keeping tyres away from the ground helps to a great extent. The least distance you must maintain when unable to meet all the above storage solutions is to keep them at least 4 inches above the ground. This is doable, right?

What’s more, when mounting them back, make sure to rotate them diagonally for balanced wear and better performance.

Check if you have been following these guidelines. If not, they aren’t that difficult to go on with in the first place. Notch up the miles with your car’s tyres lasting longer.

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