Ask Yourself These Questions in Case Your Tyres Run Flat!

‘It’s a depression when you lose yours.’

Tyre blowouts are almost synonymous with immediate depression carrying a higher probability of risky journeys. Truth be told, most car manufacturers do not include a spare tyre leaving you with no other option but to buy one. ‘What about inflating it and mending the puncture?’ You ask. Well, experts believe that tyre puncture repairs are temporary and tyre patches need to be very precise.

How do we know? Well, because we have been selling tyres at Bourne for decades now!

Anti-puncture liquids available in car repair garages lower your tyre’s durability. According to the British standard, technicians should remove the tyre from your vehicle before thorough inspection. Further, if primary investigation fails to point out any tyre damage, owners should consider replacing it.

What to do when Your Car Tyres Puncture?

There you are, touring around in your MINI Cooper, struggling to keep your speedometer level below 100 and just when you exceed the limit, your tyres crash! It must be luck which saved your vehicle from toppling over. There must be a pressure imbalance which interfered with inner lining integrity. Freeways are potentially dangerous zones to face tyre punctures.

While some regard tubeless tyres as the next best alternatives, they too undergo punctures which are more difficult to repair. Plus, they are difficult to fit and can burn a larger hole in your pocket. Sidewall punctures are most common and can halt your journey by several hours.

Are There Any Rational Ways Of Dealing With Tyre Punctures?

Experts of the Bourne Car & Van Hire tyres believe that tyres are one-time investments that should last for at least 10-15 years. Tyre punctures fundamentally destroy your tyre capacity and can cause severe accidents by mingling with car stability. Or do they?

Dunlop tyres were one of the first companies to introduce run-flat Tyres Bourne that enable the car to keep moving even after a puncture. These tyres adopt DSST technology that does not allow deflation to topple your vehicle on the road. You can also ferry the car up to 80 miles at decent speeds.

What’s better than dealing with punctured tyres than allowing them to run unperturbed till the next Bourne Car & Van Hire garage? Dunlop manufactures vehicle-specific run-flat tyres that can be trusted to perform. Dunlop Sport MAXX range includes some luxury sports tyres that offer exceptional performance and are boons to the uncompromising driver.

Run-flat tyres were originally manufactured in the 1980’s after which they were included as stock tyres by BMW and Mercedes in their sportier sedans. Eventually, they started becoming a top-choice amongst leading car makers globally.

Honestly Speaking, The Reasons Were Compelling.

  • In Dangerous Situations: You don’t need to change them, and that’s because they are designed in that way. Contrarily, in conventional types, you have to replace them or tow them to a safe location.
  • If Vehicle Weight Lowers? Since run-flat tyres don’t require much repair, you won’t find the use of its spare and repair tools. But…with the tools eliminated, you may think, ‘WON’T THAT THEORETICALLY TAKE MY CAR’S WEIGHT DOWN?’

It won’t (at least not as much as you would think). Run-flat tyres weigh more than regular ones because they have sidewall reinforcements.

What this means is…Your vehicular weight will be optimally stable, and you won’t need to mull over matters of road accidents or your vehicle getting toppled. Buy tyres at Bourne and ride with pride.

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