Assure Your MOT Test Certificate with This Guide

It is compulsory for a vehicle in the UK to have an MOT certificate. Certification tests are carried out across 21,000 test centres throughout the country. These centres are licensed by the DVSA.

Most car owners have certain misplaced fears about the MOT. With some informed decisions, you can ensure that your car passes this test. Hopefully, this blog post will provide you with some valuable guidance before you take your car for an MOT check at Sleaford or anywhere else in the UK.

About the MOT test

The Ministry of Transport test is commonly known as the MOT test. It is an annual test for cars more than 3 years old, as per safety and road worthiness regulations. This certificate shows that your car meets road security and eco-friendly criteria. MOT involves a lot of tests for different car parts, ranging from fuel systems, brakes, seat belts, lights, windscreen, wipers, and exhaust system. MOT doesn’t test the condition of your car’s engine, clutch, and gearbox.

Time Taken for an MOT

This test can take between 45 to 60 minutes. It will take longer if your vehicle fails the test and your car ends up requiring repairs. You cannot drive away with the car if it fails the MOT test unless you have a valid certificate. You may choose to go ahead with the requisite repairs and complete the procedure. (The stipulated timeline is 10 working days.)

MOT Failures

30% fail the test because of faults related to car lights. Other minor faults include:

  • A dirty car full of clutter. A messy boot and greasy windows.

  • Registration plate issues. Things like the incorrect font or missing letters and alphabets.

  • A windscreen with permissible visibility.

  • Multiple warning lights showcasing issues.

You can easily avoid such issues as well other ones just by taking your vehicle over to a professional garage.

Suggestions to ensure MOT Certificate:

  • Things like broken bulbs in headlights, indicators, front and rear headlights are issues you can fix yourself.

  • Before you go for an MOT, check that tyres have the minimum legally recommended tread depth of 1.6mm.

  • Check for tyre damages like splits in the bulges, cuts in the sidewalls or tread damage. It is best to change up your tyres in Sleaford or get your tyre servicing done by a reputed garage in Sleaford.

  • You should also ensure tyre inflation pressure as per your car’s manual.

  • Manually check your foot brake and handbrakes.

  • Check your driver’s seats and seat belts. The driver’s seats should adjust forward and backwards. The entire length of seat belt needs to be free of damage. Also, check if all the seat belts latch and fasten securely and lock when tugged at sharply.

  • Doors should function properly and close securely including proper locking mechanisms.

  • Go for a vehicle emission test before the MOT.

Passing an MOT is not as difficult a proposition as it seems. As a matter of fact, it can help you follow a proper maintenance schedule to get the best out of your car.

In case you have already taken these above precautions, you can consider automobile garages like Roberts Tyres in Sleaford for your MOT test.

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