Avoid Paying a Premium on New Tyres by Following these Simple Tips

There is no denying the fact that car tyres are expensive. Prices can range from anywhere between £40 and £300.

Hence, if one of your car tyres goes bust, you have a substantial expenditure on the way. Although, you can repair a puncture of standard tyres; but, if it is a run-flat, then a replacement is the only option.

The best way to ensure that your car tyres don’t fail you, especially in times when it just shouldn’t, you have to take care of them. Just like you maintain your vehicle engine, you also have to do the same with the tyres.

It’s easy to do, if you know how to, just what follows –

  1. Wheel alignment

Misaligned wheels are not parallel to each other or perpendicular to the road. Your car wheels become misaligned when you drive over curbs, potholes, and speed bumps at high speeds.

A wheel alignment in Totton or other places can bring the wheels to their original position.

Car garages perform the following types of wheel alignment:

  • Camber

Camber alignment restores the perpendicular angle of your vehicle wheels.

  • Toe

Toe alignment makes your vehicle wheels parallel to each other.

  • Caster

Caster alignment restores the angle of a driving axle that is attached to a wheel.

Driving with misaligned wheels will cause your car to pull to one side of the road. It will also lead to abnormal tyre wear and make your steering wheel off-centre.

  1. Wheel balancing

Wheel balancing evens the weight of a wheel. The majority of new wheels don’t have equal weight throughout their circumference. Also, ageing components can lead to the same.

Car garages perform the following types of wheel balancing:

  • Dynamic balancing

Technicians use a dynamic balancer to stop a wheel from wobbling.

  • Static balancing

Professional garages use a static balancer to prevent a wheel from bouncing.

Both these machines will tell a technician the place of an imbalance and how much weight to add.

Driving with imbalanced wheels also causes abnormal wear. Your car’s steering wheel and floorboard will also vibrate because of the same.

  1. Tyre rotation

The front tyres take the maximum pressure of your vehicle. Thus, they get damaged more quickly than your car’s rear tyres.

To even this wear, rotate your vehicle tyres. Tyre rotation interchanges the front and rear tyres. So, your tyres last longer and maintain the tread depth.

  1. Air pressure

Keeping the right air pressure is crucial if you want to have a safe drive. Correctly inflated tyres have more grip on the road; thus, you will have more control over your car.

Such tyres enable you to receive more mileage from your car. Also, you can keep tyre damage and wear at bay.

Lastly, check your car tyres regularly and make sure that their tread depth is above 1.6mm – this is the legal tread depth of all car tyres in the UK.

If you are looking for new tyres in Totton, visit renowned car garages like Totton Tyre & Exhaust for an exhaustive collection from the brands available across the UK.

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