Basic Tips for Maintaining your Car Tyres like a Pro

Tyre maintenance is one of the critical aspects of owning a car. The car’s drivability and safety depend on its tyres to a large extent. Additionally, you may have to change tyres frequently if you do not maintain them. Tyre replacement is quite a costly affair as average tyre costs around £100-150.

Yet, many car owners do not attach as much importance to tyre maintenance as they should. Tyres emerged as the 3rd largest cause of MOT failures with 7.7% of all failures attributed to them.

Maybe you are not one of them. But if you fall under this category then stop your quest here. Here’s a list of the basic things that you can do to take proper care of your tyres and ensure that they deliver above-par performance at all times.

How to get the best performance out of your tyres?

The simplest way to ensure a satisfactory mileage from your tyres is by monthly inspection. Vital parameters of inspection should include the following:

  • Maintain proper tread depth – Tyres needs to be replaced when the tread depth reaches the legal minimum limit of 1.6mm. Inadequate tread depth reduces the grip exerted by tyres and increases its braking distance. Visit a tyre retailer immediately and install a set of new tyres in Totton.

  • Maintain inflation pressure – It is vital to maintain proper inflation pressure to ensure optimum tyre performance. Both over and under-inflation have severe consequences. Tyre pressure gauges are helpful to check the pressure frequently at home. Alternatively, you may take your vehicle to professional garages like Totton Tyre & Exhaust and let them help you with services such as wheel alignment and brake repair.

To keep it at a proper level, you must know the manufacturer’s recommendation. Go through the vehicle manual carefully to know the correct level of inflation pressure for your car model. Maintaining proper inflation pressure is the single major thing you can do to keep your tyres durable.

  • Choose the right tyre – Consider your driving preferences carefully before choosing a set of new tyres. For example, if you are a speed enthusiast, go for performance tyres. If you own an all-wheel drive vehicle, and use it mostly for off-roading, choose 4×4 tyres in Totton.

  • Avoid overloading – Don’t stretch the loading capacity of your vehicle; it may reduce the shelf life of your tyres.

What will happen if you do not maintain the proper inflation level?

Under-inflation and over-inflation are both detrimental to the condition of your tyre and may severely affect your ride quality as well as fuel economy.

  • Under-inflation is the main reason behind irreversible tyre damage. This may result in severe cracking and subsequent pressure loss. It also reduces overall load potential which can cause mechanical damage.

  • Over-inflation enhances the stiffness that may result in irregular tread wear along the middle portion of the tyre and also initiate vehicle vibration.

Tyre maintenance is something that no driver should take lightly. It affects a lot of driving and safety parameters.

Be alert to tyre issues, be tyre smart!

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