Battery problems and common repair methods

A car battery is a rechargeable battery that streams electric current to a motor of the vehicle. Its key importance is to feed the starter motor, because of which the engine starts. When the engine is started, power for the vehicle’s electrical systems is still provided by the battery with the alternator charging when demand increases or decreases.

Car Battery Problems

  1. Having slow engine crank: The moving of the engine motor is slow and takes a longer time to start when you try to start the car.
  2. Charge low: If your car battery charge is low, then check engine light.
  3. Fluid levels are low: When the liquid level is under the mark of lead plates, then it’s time that you have the battery and charging system checked.
  4. Inflammation, bloating battery problems: If your car battery covers looks like inflating then you can blame unnecessary heat for making your battery case to inflate. This decreases your car battery life.
  5. Corrosion due to leakage from Battery: Corrosion takes place due to leaking around the positive and negative terminals. The grease needs to be removed, or else the car may not start.
  6. Getting old: Your car battery can last for three to four years and have its condition checked yearly.

Common methods for battery repair

If one is experiencing any battery-related issues, one should visit the nearest reputed centre like Hillam Tyres. We provide quick and affordable services related to all your car needs. Some of the methods for common car battery repairs are as follows:

1.Jump-start: Jumper cables with another battery or other car battery Huddersfield might be sufficient to start the car. The deceased battery won’t receive a charge, however, so don’t shut off the engine! Note: Do not try to jump-start a frozen battery, because it could burst. First, defrost and then try to charge it.

2.Distilled Water: Adding distilled water to the car battery is enough when the electrolyte level is low. Making them fully submerged in the distilled water helps them to have a few more turns.

3.Epsom Salt: Adding a sturdier acid to the electrolyte mix, like Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate, should be sufficient to tip the chemical stability, distributing plenty of charge to the engine for starting. Dissolve 1 part magnesium sulphate and 3 parts warm water together, and add to every cell unit until the plates are covered ¼” to ½” with electrolyte mix.

4.Aspirin: Imagine when you are out on a remote camping trip in the middle of nowhere with your car, and you only have some bottles of water and aspirin. But believe it or not, Aspirin can be used to chemically adjust the electrolyte mixture of your car battery. Dissolve at least 12 Aspirin pills of 325 mg or 500 mg in warm water. Slowly add the solution to every cell unit until the plates of the battery are covered. This shall maintain the electrolyte balance and help the battery to regain charge.

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