Benefits of Using Winter Tyres

With winter right around the corner in the UK, more drivers are looking forward to buying winter tyres. While some know the benefits of winter tyres, others wonder whether to buy them or not. But, you don’t have to worry anymore. We will try to explain the benefit of these Tyres Aston here.

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Winter tyres are, as the name suggests, designed for winters. To be more precise, for temperatures below 7 degrees celsius. Winter tyres are proficient on snowy and icy roads since they grip the roads better. They are compulsory in harsh cold weather and advisable in normal cold weather.

Some people don’t feel like spending the extra money to install winter tyres. But, if you have summer tyres in your car, it is highly recommended that you change tyres. Summer tyres become stiff in cold, traction and grip reduce, the handling worsens, and cracks develop. Hence, winter tyres are beneficial for adverse weather.

Below Are the Key Advantages of Winter Tyres.

  • Traction and Grip

Winter tyres offer the best traction and grip in cold weather. When it snows, the tyres need to properly dig into the snow to grip the road. Similar is the case with icy roads. That is why winter tyres are suitable for such conditions and not summer tyres.

Winter tyres have a different tread pattern than standard or summer tyres. For increased traction and grip, the treads are deep and wide. They can quickly remove the water and snow from beneath the tyre, thus, preventing aquaplaning.

Additionally, the tyres have hundreds of sipes (grooves) between them. They help in digging the snow and holding onto the road. This addition improves the grip and traction on the snow. The traction is further enhanced by the narrow structure of the winter tyres.

The tyres also have extra rubber compounds which make them soft. The summer tyres become stiff and hard in cold weather. Hard tyres slip more and increase the risk of accidents. But soft compound helps the tyre to retain its pliability during cold weather.

  • Braking distance

Summer tyres are good for dry and hot roads due to low rolling resistance. But in winters, high resistance is needed for better handling. That’s why winter tyres, with their high rolling resistance, suit the cold weather.

The high resistance of winter tyres reduces the distance required by the car to stop after applying brakes. If there is low resistance, the car would continue to move for longer distances on icy roads. This could put you and others around you in danger.

  • Acceleration and Mileage

Due to high traction, improved grip, and high resistance, winter tyres are bound to give high acceleration in winters. The tyres would contact the road sufficiently and work effectively.

When the car won’t feel any tension in running, would the fuel efficiency be better or not? Yes, it will be. Winter tyres increase fuel efficiency, which in turn gives the car a good mileage. You will save money on fuel.


We know it is not a benefit, but you won’t be able to benefit from winter tyres if you don’t store them.

Storing the tyres can be a headache. You will have 4 summer tyres and 4 winter tyres to store for 6 months each. You can either store them somewhere in your home or your garage. Additionally, if you have different sets of rims for different seasons, it can again cause a problem with storage.

If you don’t have storage space, you can ask tyre dealers. In areas where winter tyres are compulsory, many companies offer storage facilities at affordable prices. They even deliver the tyres at your request.

An alternate option could be to use all-season tyres. These hybrid tyres contain properties of both summer and winter tyres. They can be used throughout the year. They save you the cost of buying additional season tyres, installing and storing them. All-season tyres take away the need of replacing tyres twice a year. So, it is something to consider while buying tyres.

Winter Tyres Telford are favourable for the winter season. People who buy winter tyres experience better car performance than those who use standard tyres in winter. Considering the climate and your travel needs, decide whether they’ll be feasible or not. You can also approach the local tyre companies who have experts to answer any query if it arises.

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