Best alloy wheel refurbishment techniques

Nothing can spoil your day as much as the scraping of the wheel of your car. However, you don’t need to take stress in this situation because you can refurbish them and make them look absolutely brand new. These alloy wheel refurbishment techniques include repairing of variety of issues from starching to peeling. Each process is different from each other. Read on to know more about alloy wheel refurbishment techniques!

The following are the methods of alloy repair:

Alloy wheel powder covering:

This is a complete repair process hence it needs the removal of the wheel. 

To remove grease from the wheel, a specialized cleaner is used. After that sandblasting is done which is a process of blasting air carrying sand at high speed. This process is done to wipe out all the tough particles from the surface of the wheel. Again, degrease the wheel using an alloy wheel cleaner. 

Once done, use a spray gun to powder coat the rim, and then again reheat the wheel in the oven until the coat becomes gel-like. Finish the process by polishing your alloy wheel. 

Alloy wheel diamond cutting:

This refurbishment process can give your vehicle a shiny finish making it look expensive. This process is difficult to implement at home as it requires tools like lathe. It is a tool that can carry out a number of actions like grinding.  

The initial step incorporates the removal of the wheel, and old paint from the surface of the rim with the help of a lathe.

The surface is then covered with a layer of powder. It is then kept to dry. The lathe machine is used to cut a thin layer from the alloy wheel and finish it off by polishing it. 

The last step incorporates heating the rim in the oven. 

Alloy wheel scuff repairs:

The beginning of this procedure incorporates cleaning of the rim with a cleaner. This is used to remove grease from the surface of the wheel.  

After that wax paper is used to streamline the surface. Clean the surface using a cloth. 

Fill the affected region with filler, and then using the sandpaper to smooth out the areas to prevent any kind of lumps. One alternative to these fillers is filler sprays; if the affected region is severe then you need to apply several layers. Let the filler dry, and make the surface even using wax paper.

Using a damp towel, clean the dust from the surface of the wheel.

A fine coat of paint is applied. Before applying the subsequent layer keep it for drying. If you want to seal the paint, you can apply a coat of wax. Start with a fine film and, then let it dry, and then apply the second layer. In addition, it shields the rim from harm.

These were all the Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Leamington Spa processes to make your wheel look brand new!

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