Best Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Techniques

You often experience accidental scuffing of your alloy wheel. You don’t have to worry in this case as alloy wheel repair can make your wheel look brand new. A wide variety of damages are covered under alloy wheel repair that includes scratching, peeling, rim scuffs, corrosion. Each process of repair is different. Your alloy can be refurbished back into a new condition if the damage is not severe.

Here are a few techniques that help in alloy refurbishment:

Alloy Wheel Powder Coating:

In powder coating, the wheel is removed from the car as this is a full refurbishing process. The alloy wheel cleaner is used to clean and degrease the wheel. Sandblasting of the wheel is done that is a process that includes blasting air carrying sand at a high velocity. It is done to clean the tougher particles of alloy wheels.

The wheel is degreased again using a cleaner. The rim is heated in an industrial oven this help to releases gases. These gases cause problem while the finishing process. A spray gun is used for powder coating on the alloy wheel. The rim is heated again until the powder coating has a gel-like consistency. The final finishing is done by polishing.

Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting:

Diamond cut alloy has a glossy finish that gives your car a luxurious look. However, these alloy wheels are difficult to repair as it cannot be repaired at home. These require lathe for its repair. A lathe is a machine that can perform various operations like drilling, turning, cutting, and sanding. The wheel is removed from the vehicle. The old layer of paint is removed from the wheel using the machine. The smooth finish is then coated with powder and kept for drying. The lathe is used to cut the thin layer from alloy and finishing is given by polishing. The final step is to heat the alloy wheel in an industrial oven.

Alloy Wheel Scuff Repairs:

This process of alloy wheel refurbishment Coventry starts from cleaning the wheel with cleaning liquid. This removes all the dirt and grease. To smooth the alloy wheel using sandpaper. Use a cloth to wipe the dust and then keep it for drying. The damaged area is to be filled with fillers and then smooth the area to avoid any lumps.

You can even use filler sprays and if the damage is deep then you must apply the spray several times. The filler must be left for setting and then again smooth it out using sandpaper. Use a wet cloth to remove the dust.  The final step includes painting and polishing. The paint should be applied in thin layers and let it dry before you apply the second layer. You can even apply lacquer this seals the paint. Apply a thin layer first and then allow it to dry then apply another coat. It also protects the wheel from damage.

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