Blowing Hot & Cold- Common AC Problems with Solutions

In 1939, Packard became the first car maker to offer an integrated air conditioning system in their cars. Travelling has never been the same again. For the first time in history, people could actually travel in comfort regardless of the temperature outside.

AC at that time was a novelty item, limited to the uber-rich of the time. The general public could not afford it because of its high cost. However, over the next few decades, the price came down and now, it’s a standard add-on to almost every car out there. As with any other part of a vehicle, some complications may arise with the AC as well.

Common Air Conditioning Problems

The AC of a car employs the same mechanism as that of standard home ACs. As such, the issues that it faces are also similar. Some of these problems that you might encounter with your car’s air conditioning system are given below.

Weak Airflow

Weak airflow is a problem that most drivers must have encountered at some point in their car’s service life. It may happen for various reasons.

  1. The hose of the blower unit has come loose.

  2. The ventilation fan is not working correctly.

  3. Mildew formation in the evaporation core.

Weak airflow is usually a symptom of a much severe underlying problem. Take your car for repair ASAP, or you risk compromising the entire unit.

Low Level Of Cooling

When a machine fails to perform its primary task, you know that something is severely wrong with it. There may be many reasons for the reduced cooling capability of an AC.

  1. Low level of refrigerant

  2. Clogged expansion valve

  3. Damaged blower motor

  4. Malfunctioning condenser

The most common cause for an AC’s low cooling power is, of course, depleted coolant level. On average, coolant level drops by 15-20% annually. A simple Air Conditioning Recharge Wolverhampton will fix this issue.

Pungent Odour

The inside of an AC is dark, damp and moist- the perfect breeding ground for microorganisms and bacteria. It mostly happens in winters, when the AC is in disuse for a long time. There will be a pungent smell when you switch on the AC in case of bacterial growth inside it.

Basic AC Maintenance

Most of these issues are avoidable if you take some precautionary measures.

  1. Clean its air filter at least once a month.

  2. During winters, turn it on at full blast once or twice a week, for 10 to 15 minutes till there is no stale smell.

  3. Flush and refill the refrigerant at least once every year.

Pro tip: Avoid using the AC when your car is idling. It puts immense pressure on your car’s battery.

A faulty air conditioner may not affect your car’s drivability per sec, but it will take the comfort out of it. Take your vehicle to a proficient auto garage like Auto Surefit for a car service in Wolverhampton whenever you sense the slightest problem with your air conditioning unit. They will spot the exact source of the problem and offer instant and affordable solutions for the same.

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