Booking Your MOT Test

With more than seven hundred MOT test facilities, all over the United Kingdom, it is no surprise how important this examination really is. That is why we decided to answer some of the most common questions regarding the MOT test.

What exactly is the MOT?

Basically, the MOT Loughborough is an annual examination which must be done once your vehicle is three years or older. This test is mandatory throughout the UK. Without a valid certification, you will not be able to drive your car.

The MOT follows rigorous criteria established by the government to decide whether your vehicle is safe and roadworthy. A wide range of car safety checks has to be completed at the test centre, including tyres, seatbelts, emissions, and lights.

During your MOT exam, the selected tester (a professional accredited to evaluate your car), will carry out a full inspection in order to make sure your car is in perfect condition. Nevertheless, it is always better to service your car on a regular basis, even if your MOT is not due yet.

Also, keep in mind that passing the MOT will not guarantee that the condition of your car will be the same after a couple of months. Once you pass the test, your tester will give you a valid certificate. They might also independently list and notify you of about some of the parts that need your attention right away.

If your car fails the MOT, you will get a comprehensive list of all the dangerous flaws. If these issues can be easily repaired directly at the centre, you might be eligible for a re-test.

When is the MOT due?

If you want to know if your car has a legitimate MOT certificate and when is the due date for your MOT, simply check your current certificate and search for the expiration date. Remember that the MOT test must be completed up to thirty days prior to this date.

How often should your vehicle take the MOT test?

Every car that is three years or older needs to own a valid certificate that needs to be renewed each year. This means: – if your vehicle is new or less than three years old, you will not be required to take the test until your car reaches its third anniversary. Following that date, you will be responsible for renewing it every year. Other types of vehicles, like taxis and ambulances, must take the MOT once they are one year old.

How early should you take the MOT?

While there are no specific rules, there are some regulations regarding how early a driver can bring their vehicle in for their yearly MOT. The examination can be completed up to thirty days before the expiration date displayed on your last MOT certificate.

How long would the MOT be valid for?

The MOT certificate can be valid for around a year from the expiration of your old certificate, which means, it does not necessarily need to last twelve months exactly. This is very important to keep in mind so you will not get caught driving with an expired MOT certificate.

Do you need to take the MOT?

As we mentioned before, the MOT test is a mandatory and legal obligation to guarantee that your car is safe, and it will not produce any type of harmful emissions. So, there will be certain penalties in case you decide to drive your car without a valid MOT certification.

In conclusion: Taking the MOT test once a year will not only guarantee that you are safe at all times, but it will also help the environment and other drivers sharing the road with you.

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