Bridgestone: Review of Dueler H/P Sport AS

When we talk about super-cars, we always praise the engine and transmission of the car for its speed and acceleration. But, we forget the truth that is continuously rotating underneath the body of the car. Tyres are an essential part of a vehicle, and they can not be neglected, when it comes to the performance on the roads of the UK.

Therefore, to help you with the choice of tyres, we want to unveil an excellent option for our drivers’ community living in Preston. Bridgestone has launched its new Dueler H/P Sport AS tyres, with the unique features as exceptional steer response and excellent wet grip.

Bridgestone is a company that has been in the market since 1931, when the founder Shojiro Ishibashi translated his name into English and named the company as Bridgestone. The company is responsible for most of the innovations in the market.

The brand is now known among the top manufacturers in the world. With the highlights of Pirelli, Michelin, Dunlop Tyres Preston, and many more in mind, Bridgestone continuously evolve itself and find itself in the neck to neck competition for the first place. With over 143,509 employees worldwide, Bridgestone has become the prime choice of the present along with the great promises for the future.

Dueler H/P Sport AS

  • The tyres are made to cater to the cross over vehicles, rather than more massive SUVs. With the increased manufacturing of CUVs nowadays people are demanding dedicated tyres for their cross overs and hence, Bridgestone came up with the Dueler H/P Sport AS. The only disadvantage that is attached to these tyres is that they are loud on the dry roads and also are not made for winters.

    When you ask what is in the tyres that makes them this great of a deal, we would like to mention some of the things that are present in the internals of the tyres:

  • Increased level of silica content that is responsible for offering high wet grip and better performance on the water ridden road.

  • The circumference is carved with unique grooves that help in the channelling of water and hence, preventing the vehicle from becoming a victim to aquaplaning.

  • The tyres are hard around the shoulders and therefore, help in the cornering and steering of the cars while making sharp turns.

  • Exclusive wide-angled slots promise to dissipate water better from the tyre’s treads.

  • The tyres also provide high fuel economy as the side walls are made from rubber compounds that offer lesser rolling resistance on the roads of the UK.

  • The tyres also save fuel as they are comparatively lesser in weights, thus making them eco-friendly.

  • The tyres when tested found to deliver great wet grip along with safer cornering at high speeds. If you own a CUV type of vehicle, you will surely be going to love the performance offered by these tyres.

If you are convinced with the confidence of a giant tyre manufacturer like Bridgestone, then don’t forget to bring your car to us, here at Star Tyres.

We store Dueler H/P Sport AS tyres that are in great shape. We also have other variants of Bridgestone Tyres Preston that will suit your vehicle in the best way possible. If Bridgestone is not your prime choice, don’t worry, we have a vast collection of Tyre’s in Preston from almost all of the renowned brands.

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