When you go for buying tyres, there are millions of questions that wander in your mind. Along with the doubts regarding the quality, the biggest query would be that relating to their cost. Should you go for low-price tyres which seem affordable? Should you look for premium tyres whose costs are high but with promising qualities in the long run? There is a stark difference between these two types because of the way they are made. They both are built keeping different levels of parameters in mind. Let’s know this difference now.


Budget tyres are sold under smaller prices. They may be cost-effective for the first time you buy them. But if you find yourself constantly replacing them or having them checked, then the extra costs may add up. Budget tyres do not go through similar testing processes as much as premium brands do. They are not that meticulously designed. Budget tyres are good for slower speeds and low mileage. They are not much economical for the long run. Budget tyres do meet the standard safety requirements, but they aren’t that capable in terms of performance and efficiency. Budget tyres wear more quickly. They are never suitable for driving long distances. They are best suited for driving in urban areas. These tyres should not be under consideration if one wants to drive in rural settings. They are good if you normally use your car for travelling shorter distances. Tyre Fitting Birmingham will help you check all the parameters of a perfect tyre.


Premium tyres are expensive. They go through a lot of testing procedures. They are very carefully designed. They ensure high levels of safety and performance. Premium tyres are developed by well-known brands. There is a lot of money and technology invested in constructing them. Premium tyres are built with good quality rubbers and tread patterns. These tread patterns help in maintaining a firm grip on the roads. They can be driven both in urban and rural settings. They do not have any limitations when it comes to driving long distances. They have a long tyre life. They do not wear faster as compared to the budget tyres. These tyres may seem expensive at first, but soon you would realise that they are actually the most economical option. Tyre Fitting Birmingham makes sure that you have a plethora of premium tyre brands to choose from.


EU labels make it easier for the buyers to make the correct choice between different types of tyres. EU labels provide complete information relating to different parameters of tyres. They grade the tyres on the basis of fuel efficiency, wet braking and noise emission. Everyone has different driving styles. It all depends on your habits and needs. You can use the EU ratings to weigh out the performance efficiency to make the best choice for you.

Making the right choices only because of a particular brand or price tag should be avoided. Make sure that you decide on the basis of your needs, not solely on the basis of branding and pricing.

Tyres Birmingham is the key to the fast, safe and efficient performance you want to see. Choose these tyres to make sure your tyres meet all the requirements for good quality tyres.

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