Can you fail your MOT because of your Tyres?

Failing your Mot test due to faulty tyres is a common scenario. According to the studies, more than 11% of the MOT test are failed due to damaged tyres? According to a survey, failing MOT due to tyres is the third most common reason just after lighting and brakes.

MOT basically stands for Ministry of transport, the governing body of the UK has regulated a test under its jurisdiction to make cars roadworthy. If the car has failed at its MOT test, it will not be permitted to be driven again. MOT test relies on mainly the safety parts of the body like a seat belt, seat, lights, windows, wipers, tyres, and brakes.

Your tyres alone cannot be the reason, there are many other things that can lead to MOT failures, like your brakes, cleanliness, and lightings.

Possible reasons you can fail at your MOT Evesham

  • The handling, balance, and efficiency of brakes are usually checked in the MOT test. In case, your tyres are worn out and are not able to sustain better handling and balance, you can fail. If the stopping distance of your car is longer than requires, you can fail at MOT test. If your tyres are worn out, they will not be able to maintain proper grip and lost grip between the tyres and the road can be dangerous.

  • Headlights, brake lights, and indicators must be properly working. If they have a yellow film over them, it should not be scratched or ripped off.

  • Tyres-taking care of your tyres can be a lot to take in sometimes. But regular car repair can handle that for you. There are so many things to consider while checking your tyres. It is the most important aspect of any vehicle. Tyres without a question are a very functional part while driving. Building the only point of contact, supporting the weight of your car, helping in the movement of the car, etc.

  • Avoid wear and tear-1.66 mm is the minimum tread depth allowed in the UK, if your tyre tread is less than this, you will possibly fail at the MOT test. Your tyres will wear out as it is the consequent effect of driving. For your tyres to wear out gradually, you must use the most suitable tyre according to the weather and road condition.

  • Increase the life of your tyres-Maintain the tyre pressure, if your tyres are perfectly inflated, they wear out evenly. Even wear and tear is safe and is fuel-efficient.

  • Inspect for any bulges or cuts in your tyres– Your sidewall must be completely cut-free, bubble-free, and budge-free. The damaged sidewall can be highly risky to drive with.

  • Try not to use part-worn tyres-They are tyres that are already been used by someone else before you. The tread of the tyre is already worn out to some level. Even If your tyres are perfectly inflated and the sidewall is not damaged, these tyres cannot provide safety as efficiently as a brand-new car tyre.

  • To properly maintain your tyres, you must avoid some of your habits. Like suffocating your tyres with curbs- can lead to sidewall damage, Try to avoid rough road and potholes on the road- increases the speed of wear and tear, properly maintain the tyre pressure- under or over-inflated tyres can risk your safety, try to clean your tyre- remove all the dirt, any external object stuck in your tyre, regularly inspect your tyres to keep them safe from sharp objects on the road and measure your tyre pressure time-to-time.

Some the points to consider which can save your money and pass your MOT Evesham test. Keeping your vehicle maintained is important for your safety and comfort.

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