Car Battery 101 – How to Prep them for this Upcoming Winter

Cold weather and batteries don’t go hand in hand. If your car seems to cough up something or the other every winter, this blog may be for you.

Car batteries are a key source of malfunction, especially in wintertime. Cold British winter takes a toll on its performance, and if it’s more than three years old, there is a good chance that it might give up at any moment. However, these parts are costly, and changing them might not be possible every time.

Fortunately, there are some nifty tricks that you can do to increase their life and ensure their performance. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Regulate its use – Your car heater gets all the attention every winter, and it can drain your car’s battery like nothing else. Now, no one is asking you to suffer in the cold; just try not to use it when your car’s engine is off. Power hungry appliances like AC and heater put immense strain on your car battery.

Also, winters can be dark and windy, so you might feel like keeping your car’s headlight and hazard lights on all the time. While the hazards won’t put much stress on the battery, headlights can weaken it a lot.

  • Drive your car every once in a while – Everyone knows that batteries discharge over time. So, if you leave your vehicle stagnant for a long time, it will eventually drain the battery entirely. Take it out once in a while, even if you are driving it for only 30 minutes at a time.

If your car’s battery is completely drained out, you will need to jumpstart your vehicle to charge it again. Be careful while doing that, you can get a nasty jolt from that 12V powerhouse.

  • Go to a garage before winter hits – This one is a no-brainer; like every other component your car, battery too needs periodic inspection and maintenance. Head for a reliable car service garage in Northampton, and let the experts take a look at its condition.

Pro- tip – You should take it for a check-up whenever you face issues like a stuttering engine while turning on the ignition, dimmed headlamps and indicators, etc. Also, if you notice a constant clicking noise coming from your car’s engine (which happens because of inadequate power coming to the spark plugs), you should get the battery checked.

  • Park it like a pro – Always remember to park it under a roof, preferably inside a garage if you are parking it overnight. Cold weather severely reduces car batteries’ performance, so you will find it very difficult to turn it back on in the morning.

Now, don’t worry it’s just a few short months, and winter is relatively mild in Northampton and her surroundings. However, that does not mean you can leave it unchecked. Take it to a good car service garage. Your car’s battery is an integral part of the system, and keeping it in good shape will help you in the long run.

If you are looking for a place to get it serviced, you can visit Jackson’s MOT Centre in Northampton. They are well-liked by their patrons and cater to car owners from around the area.

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