Car Care 101: Your Guide to a Proper Wheel Alignment

‘Wheel alignment’ is among the top maintenance priorities to ensure optimal performance. You might have heard the term many times but aren’t sure what technicalities lead to misaligned wheels. So, let’s introduce you first to the concept.

Proper wheel alignment means the placement of wheels in requisite angles with each other and with the road for a balanced ride. Wheel alignment is vital for maintaining optimal tyre wear and respective steering performance.

Misaligned wheels can pose a severe safety threat for you and for other vehicles on road. These issues require professional expertise for resolutions, mandating a session for Wheel Alignment in Blackburn.

Instances Which Mandate Alignment Checks

Driving through the city, you may come across many unfavourable situations that turn out to be harmful to your wheels. Go for a wheel alignment check if you and your car have gone through any of the following off late –

  • Hit a kerb or a road hazard.

  • Took it for off-roading with standard passenger tyres.

  • Drove too fast over speed bumps.

  • Replaced tyre and/or suspension components without following up with the necessary adjustments.

You can go for the check at your nearby garages such as Nil’s Tyre Services. They come with an expert team and the necessary equipment for detecting and fixing wheel misalignment other than an exclusive collection of top-end tyres from the best global brands.

Spot These Signs When Looking for Misaligned Wheels

Whether your car wheels are misaligned or not can be difficult for you to discern. It is because some of its symptoms coincide with those pointing towards other issues with your car. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t take misalignment easily.

Look out for these signs when you don’t have plans to go for a check instantly.

  • Issues with Vehicle Handling

Vehicle handling issues are among the first observable signs of misaligned wheels. Normally, cars do slightly pull to one side because the roads aren’t smooth. However, if your vehicle’s wheel alignment has been knocked off, you will find it difficult to drive your car in a straight line. Also, when stopping or slowing it down, it may pull towards one side or the other.

  • An Off-Centre Steering Wheel

Usually, a vehicle’s steering sits in the middle, with its logo visibly straight. If you see it slightly inclined towards the left or right, you may conclude that you have lingering wheel misalignment issues.

  • Wobbling Steering Or Unusual Shaking

Vibrations felt in the steering while driving can be a result of one too many reasons. Nevertheless, if you feel the steering wobbling too much than usual, along with a jerky car body, refer to a professional wheel alignment session.

  • Tyre Wearing Out Rapidly

Check if your Car Tyres in Blackburn have been wearing out unevenly or at a rapid rate. Look for the outside edges where the treads may be thinner than the rest of the tyre due to a slight outward tilt. Similar may be the case with the inner edges if the tilt is inward.

These signs are ample proof to compel you for a professional Wheel Alignment Blackburn. So, don’t delay, and get such issues fixed at your nearest garage!

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