Car Diagnostics Done Right: 7 Ways to Detect an Issue with Your Vehicle

Proper maintenance for your car starts with an eye on all major and minor changes that it goes through. While it is never right to ignore any of them, some might pose serious risks for your car’s performance and safety, especially when it is old.

Hence, having basic skills that help you with regular Car Diagnostic Peterborough can prevent your vehicle from early depreciation.

It will also reveal any or all issues that your vehicle might be facing related to transmission, exhaust system, oil & gas tank, etc. While diagnostic problems of most modern cars are indicated on the dashboard, older ones are not equally efficient at this. Thus, these diagnostic skills gain even more importance.

So, here are the different ways you can diagnose an issue with your old car.

1. Look Out For Any Fluid Leakage

Your car runs with the help of different fluids, like petrol, diesel, engine lubricants, etc. However, if there’s any damage in one of the components carrying them, chances are it will give way to the fluid leaking out.

When leakage is spotted, mark the colour it bears. If it is colourless, it may be water leaking from a dysfunctional air conditioner. Nevertheless, if it is clear as well as slippery, it is probably the brake fluid leaking. A greenish yellow or brown fluid points towards the leaking coolant.

A dark coloured liquid in shades of red means a leaking transmission, steering or engine lubricant.

2. Keep An Ear For Unknown Noises

Noises like screeching, squealing or clunking are hard to miss. You might hear them while you turn your car, apply brakes or even while driving normally. Hence, to diagnose the issue correctly, you need to mark when the noise is arising. If it comes while you apply brakes, the brake pads might be worn out.

A screeching acceleration means an issue with the fan belt which might require replacement. Suspension components that are worn out result in creaking or clunking noises. If you hear a popping or a banging sound, stop your car immediately as it might be a result of the engine backfiring.

3. Check Out The Battery

An issue with the Car Battery Peterborough can significantly bring down vehicle performance. Check the battery for any white coloured deposit at the terminal, which is a sign of overcharging. If the bulbs of your car blow out frequently, they point towards high alternator voltage.

4. Know When The Brakes Don’t Feel Right

Anything that feels wrong with the brake needs to be checked out immediately. Brake application needs to feel solid when pressed. If you find it spongy, there might be air stuck in the brake lines. Damaged brake disks mean a pulsating or vibrating brake during application.

Apart from these, you also need to check your old vehicle for –

  1. Irregular vibrations

  2. A burning or unpleasant smell

  3. A stiff or loosened steering while turning

Recognising all these signs will help you identify troubles that need to be addressed at the earliest. If detected, take your car to a garage that addresses these issues with expertise. Garages like Forza Tyres are specialists in car diagnosis and repair. They also stock one of the largest selection of tyres in Peterborough and nearby.

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